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Orange San Francisco II Review Part 2

Posted on December/14/2014 | Categories: Videos 13 Comments

here it is guys,the second part to the review that doesnt want to be editted or posted, this is the 4th time i am trying to upload this video,this video also…

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13 Responses so far.

  1. Purav D says:

    I like the sort of banter in the lower thirds, but as I mentioned with my
    part 1 comment, change the colour of them because it’s quite hard to read.
    I can relate with the low memory and rubbish battery negatives of the San
    Francisco II since the HTC Desire suffers the same problems. In regards to
    bloatware, it is quite bad of Orange to add so much garbage and remove
    essential apps like the alarm clock! But again great review, and keep up
    the good work 🙂

  2. Domenico james Lamberti says:

    not to my current knowledge

  3. Domenico james Lamberti says:

    on which keyboard

  4. Callum1114455 says:

    Nice review, subscribed.

  5. Straightsix76 says:

    do you know if there’s a larger capacity batt that will fit this phone?

  6. Domenico james Lamberti says:

    again, not got a clue mate sorry, dont have the device anymore, it died 🙁

  7. Emily Rose says:

    Nice review its just for you the phone quit rubbish but for me it looks
    quit good expsecaily wen i only got about £120 to spend so yh 😀 thanks

  8. Domenico james Lamberti says:

    i dont think you’ll be too disappointed

  9. Christopher Davies says:

    How do rid of predictive text thing?

  10. lorilori311 says:

    I mean whit a stereo head set wireless via bluetooth

  11. Domenico james Lamberti says:

    not got a clue unfortunatly

  12. govanjohn says:

    That was really helpful. i just got d SF 2, thinking abou rooting it. I’ll
    like to know if PES12 works on it, I was able to play PES 12 on SF 1 but
    cant seem to play it on the SF 2. Thanks.

  13. Straightsix76 says:

    Orange gave me the choice between this phone and the galaxy mini 2 and I
    went for the cisco 2, hope I’ve done the right thing?