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Orange San Francisco – Launcher Pro etc

Posted on December/13/2014 | Categories: Videos 9 Comments

FREE APPS INFO SEE: http://hubpages.com/hub/Favourite-Free-Android-Apps-for-Orange-San-Francisco —————- Orange San Francisco running on T-Mobile wi…

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9 Responses so far.

  1. TheVamp1res says:

    @TheVamp1res done it, sorry i didnt realise u had a link on the video lol

  2. theelhub says:

    The video does not show how good the colours are in “real life”

  3. neal menhinick says:

    iv just got launcher pro on my zte blade but i not sure how to run it? do i
    need another app to use it? thx

  4. Greenstone1212 says:

    Was the launcher pro free from the android market. I tried the free version
    and after i turnt it off then on it had changed back! Gave up after a while!

  5. theelhub says:

    @ThunderkartKing I’m not 100%. Although I do have the brightness turned
    right down as I find it too bright when using it in most conditions, so not
    sure if this helps what it is. It does not fade when tilted. Was bought in
    November if that helps. After talking to someone they think its the OLED.

  6. swampfire786 says:

    4? isn’t it 5 icons?

  7. chrisc74 says:

    i have ordered this phone and i am on t-mobile. was it easy to get the
    t-mobile settings? are you still using the orange 2.1. i was thinking of
    putting the custom rom on mine but i dont what to brick it so i thought i
    would use launcher pro instead. how have you found it?

  8. TheVamp1res says:

    Hey man how do i get the digital clock on my phone ? i only have the analog
    circle clock / accuweather, but i want the digital accuweather like u have
    plzzzz reply!

  9. jhall303 says:

    I have downloaded launcher pro but how do I access it now?