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Orange San francisco re-review

Posted on June/2/2011 | Categories: Videos 25 Comments

this is a re-review of the san francisco , this is mainly an android 2.2 overview , but i decided to do this becuase i think that android 2.2 is a massive upgrade to 2.1 , no matter what the video may have you believe

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25 Responses so far.

  1. DitzyDom says:

    @swampfire786 thats because many ROM’s including swedish spring have something called stagefright turned off because it was broken , therefore giving rather high quadrant scoree tests

  2. swampfire786 says:

    hey… I’ve installed a custom Rom (Swedish spring) and I’m currently running on froyo., but when I take the quadrant test I don’t get above 440… any ideas what’s wrong?? BTW I’ve got the osf

  3. DitzyDom says:

    @elcou96f22 i now too have multiple g-mail accoutns

  4. elcou96f22 says:

    I’ve got multiple gmail-accountsXD….
    sorry, just a litle pop in my mind….

  5. ThunderkartKing says:

    @DitzyDom It does, I have FLB Froyo R10B and got a score of 900 and something and unfortunately that’s because of broken stage fright 🙁

  6. DitzyDom says:

    @ThunderkartKing Then cyanogen mod 7 ,ust have broken stage-fright as well seeing as yesterday i got a quadrant pro score of 1025

  7. ThunderkartKing says:

    The reason you got that high on quadrant is because stagefright is broken 🙁

  8. MrAndrewjs says:

    What ROM did you use?

  9. DitzyDom says:

    @robertc009 yeah you do risk bricking your device, bricking is wshen sometyhing goes wrong and becomes un-usable, but sometimes can be salvaged

  10. robertc009 says:

    if i decide to try and put a 2.2 rom on my phone do i risk ‘bricking’ the phone? what exactly is ‘bricking’ anyway? if that happens is there no way to fix it and you might aswell bin your phone?

  11. Xtclilium says:

    stop tempting me to get this phone xD

  12. unfairP says:

    Battery last long when used with music?
    Can Pingchat be used or any other chat?
    Is it fairly resistant to falls etc?

  13. ThemeIshere says:

    The Points are fake, or better, wrong. Stagefright wasn’t working correctly back in that version of FLB’s Froyo.

  14. MrWatchman76 says:

    Thank you for posting this vid…Was considering buying this phone and with what you have demonstrated i am very impressed! Good job!

  15. DitzyDom says:

    @tahsin95 out all your files on your files on your memory card, there is no way to not delete files because you have to wipe data and cache

  16. tahsin95 says:

    Hey dude, how do I update my SF to froyo 2.2 without deleting all my files. ._. I want to keep them all.

  17. ark906 says:

    sorry guys (:

  18. dateacha77 says:

    I have 3 gmail accounts! 🙂

  19. serifovicrules says:

    @DitzyDom Thanks.. Just making sure.. It don’t really bother me bricking it.. I’ve bricked many phones and consoles.. But with Android, you can back up.. So its never totally bricked.

  20. DitzyDom says:

    @serifovicrules i cant comment on flashing a spica or a G1 because this is my first android device, and for me it wasnt too easy but tats because i didnt really follow it word for word and if you aren’t completely sure waty our doing i wouldn’t recommend this because i reckon you bought it because you liked it and bricking it would not make you happy

  21. serifovicrules says:

    Do you just need to flash it like you would with a Spica or G1 or something along those lines? Hoping this could beat both of them.. And, is it a walk in Hyde Park when you flash it?

    Thanks 🙂

  22. samipakiboi says:

    do you recommend me using modaco alpha 3 froyo ROM?

  23. CR9RK8 says:

    what is the average memory an application takes up?

  24. DitzyDom says:

    @milkykungnaja Fibblesan’s R3 ROM , most stable ive used so far

  25. DitzyDom says:

    @kon123123 well 2.1 is stock 🙂 , 2.2 is a very hard hacking and flashing proccess which i would not reccomend unless you are a hardened android user with enough experience messing it up first , like me , i ruined 2 phones before i did it right