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Orange San Francisco Review

Posted on December/28/2010 | Categories: Videos 24 Comments

A review of the Orange San Francisco / ZTE Blade phone, currently one of the best budget android phones on the market.

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24 Responses so far.

  1. allenickszijnbezet says:

    What’s the name of the app you downloaded 4 the yerky motion?

  2. allenickszijnbezet says:

    what is the name of the app you instaled 4 the jurky motion?

  3. muj104 says:

    do they sell this in UK carphonewarehouse or phones4u?

  4. mvkVirtual says:

    @ami12345a That doesnt make much sense ?

  5. ami12345a says:

    if you have android 2.1 do still new every day

  6. Aaarrrggghhification says:

    “I could get a screen protector or something… I just can’t be bothered”


  7. replyzy says:

    @mvkVirtual oww…ok.thanks fr the info 🙂

  8. mvkVirtual says:

    @replyzy No, the phone is locked to Orange. You can get it unlocked like any other phone though, and its not too expensive.

  9. replyzy says:

    @mvkVirtual i got a question though,does it work when ur not usin the Orange simcard ?

  10. mvkVirtual says:

    @replyzy no problem, I hope you found it useful !!

  11. replyzy says:

    thanks dude!i tried to find some cheap smartphone,and i found this phone.thanks 4 reviewin it 😉

  12. mvkVirtual says:

    @maarkryaan Not really, unless you root the phone and install some form of android 2.2 or higher, which support transferring the apps and games to the SD card. Plus, game performance is not all that good due to the 600mhz processor anyway. If games are your thing, I would recommend a more powerful handset.

  13. maarkryaan says:

    Something that worries me is the internal memory, ONLY 150mb?! I want to get android games so will 150mb be enough?

  14. mvkVirtual says:

    @cosmic93 Lol yeah xD Its surprisingly accurate, although the battery wouldn’t last long enough for that even just running the compass 😉

  15. cosmic93 says:

    lol, the compass, just incase you take this phone with out on your next exposition to the north pole

  16. mvkVirtual says:

    @SIPMYSEXADE They are probably a fairly similar performance, although the processor in the galaxy apollo is slightly faster. The Samsung uses a lower resolution 400×200 screen, compared to the SanFran’s impressive 480×800. Also keep in mind that the SanFran is no longer made with OLED screens, so both phones are using standard TFT’s. The samsung has the TouchWiz theme over the top of android, which I personally do not like. I dislike the Ideos, but the ZTE Racer looks promising!

  17. SIPMYSEXADE says:

    @mvkVirtual Thanks so much for your reply! The Carphone Warehouse are selling the Samsung Galaxy Apollo for £79.95 +£10.00 top up at the moment, and Orange is still retailing their handset at £99.99, but are now asking for a £20.00 with the purchase. Based on price and performance, which would you recommend? I’d appreciate it if you could reply again, when you’ve got some time, thank you 🙂
    (Also, any thoughts on the Huawei Ideos? It’s a 2.2 Android & affordable, but no UK network as yet)

  18. mvkVirtual says:

    @SIPMYSEXADE No problem, I’m glad you found it useful. I still use the phone on a daily basis and am very pleased with it! The only complaint I have is that we cannot officially upgrade to the newer versions of android, which in my opinion have some very good features! As long as you don’t want to download and store hundreds of apps, then you are fine. Definitely the best cheap android device at the moment.

  19. SIPMYSEXADE says:

    @mkVirtual: Thank you for this video. I have been debating what phone to get, at a reasonable price. The other videos on this phone are good, but they don’t really go into detail regarding how good it is to use. It’s nice to see a review where someone is quite happy with their purchase!

  20. mvkVirtual says:

    @MrZlomek Yes, in every way. On this is a capacitive screen, which responds to touch. On the LG Cookie, it is resistive, which is pressure based (stylus) so it is far less sensitive. Because of this, the screen on this Orange SanFran is far more sensitive and feels SO much nicer to use. Also, it is larger, and has a much higher resolution!

  21. MrZlomek says:

    is the touch screen better than the lg cookie?

  22. mvkVirtual says:

    @xXxEpicFailxXx Faily well actually, now that it has been used for a bit the battery lasts longer. If you use it allot though, it will probably need charging every day or two.

  23. xXxEpicFailxXx says:

    how it the battery time doing ?

  24. mvkVirtual says:

    @unitedben14 Search this on google for a full guide, this model is the ZTE Blade. Make sure you backup before you root your phone or put on a custom ROM! Good luck and have fun 🙂