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This is not the full review, you’ll find that at hemorrdroids.net. This is just some video footage to show it in action. Follow @hemorrdroids

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25 Responses so far.

  1. OblivionNut526 says:

    @Rockyrock632 thank 4 your help

  2. Rockyrock632 says:

    @OblivionNut526 You don’t have to pay for internet on your phone if you’re using a wifi connection, but if you use your 3G data (not wifi) you may be charged dependent on your mobile package.

  3. OblivionNut526 says:

    can i jst ask see if u are conected to ur own wifi conection do u stil hav to pay for internet on ur phone because on my curenr phone u canot select a wifi u use internet throw ur conection but u hav to pay to go on the internet plz som reply

  4. rajurahman1985 says:

    @TheDombo456 yes it does. All Android phones have it.

  5. TheDombo456 says:

    Im getting this phone tomorrow but just wondering does it have a drag down status bar or is that only a htc sense thing?? Please reply asap, Thanks great vid – subscribed

  6. Cam4cha says:

    @Iwillbiteyouhardd Login to Google Talk. Don’t ask me why, but that fixed it for me and a lot of other people. Market apps should download okay after that.

  7. Cam4cha says:

    @ItsJaminben I currently own a TFT SF and I can say the screen is still really good. I’m quite a critic when it comes to screens, but this one can compete with ones found on high-end devices.

    – A Down side compared to OLED is that black isn’t total black anymore (as is always with TFT)
    – Something that differs from person to person is that the colours on TFT are less oversaturated, some like it, some don’t
    – A definite plus is that TFT shows text less grainy (no PenTile)

    Still an amazing buy!

  8. Hemorrdroidsnet says:

    @ItsJaminben Hmm, I can’t really answer that as I only had the one device. Yes, the screen was a huge selling point, so if that’s not as good now, it’s not such an amazing buy. For the money though, it would probably still edge the Wildfire for value.

    It shouldn’t effect the touch functionality.

  9. ItsJaminben says:

    Nice review, but you keep going on about the screen which has now changed? How does the TFT screen compare to the OLED one?

    Is the screen still close to being as good as the one on the phone you reviewed? Or when considering this phone should I just forget everything that has been said of the screen (most reviews, including yours, say the screen is the phone’s best feature) also what impact does the change of screen have on the touch functionality? Any?

    Cheers chap!

  10. braspa says:

    @YooChuba Where do you get all of that for £5?

  11. glitzyglamourgirl123 says:

    @Hemorrdroidsnet thankx

  12. Hemorrdroidsnet says:

    @glitzyglamourgirl123 Separate keyboard.

  13. glitzyglamourgirl123 says:

    when you are texting is the layout the same as the dialer or is it seperate keys on the screen ? really need to know

  14. waqasahmed939 says:

    Um I asked two different CPW’s and they said that every PAYG phone is sim free, and I specifically asked about the Orange San Francisco. Orange bought loads of these from ZTE, and rebranded it with their name. Not to say CPW also bought them from Orange and offer sim free phones.

    Also, you’re lucky as not many people can get that on PAYG. Im assuming that you’re a loyal member? The cheapest way forward for most is a 1 month contract with Tesco

  15. YooChuba says:

    You say that carphone warehouse give it unlocked sim free, cpw do this on most phones but this is an exception, as it is an ORANGE san fransisco. locked to orange.
    And im not bothered with contracts i top up £5 a month and get 1000 minutes unltd. texts and unltd. internet.. WHAT A DEAL
    Also AMOLED screen was the only reason i was interested in this phone, TFT put me off it so i’ll be getting another phone instead, my perfect phone would be the HTC wildfire but with OLED screen.

  16. waqasahmed939 says:

    …. Also, tesco have a nice deal on their 1 month contract at £10/month where you get 500 minutes, 3000 texts and 500MB of data. It’s better than a lot of companies out there in terms of price, flexibility(only one month rolling sim only contract), and Tesco piggy back on to the O2 network, so you know that you’re going to get good coverage

  17. waqasahmed939 says:

    Scrap my previous reply. Ive been searching some more, and the new ones come with TFT screens instead of AMOLED screens. I’ll still be buying one as it’s not a deal breaker for me.

    If you buy it sim free, it’s unlocked. You can also unlock it via software when bought on orange but that would void your two year warranty. For that reason, I’d recommend a rebel sim and another sim card on top as that will not invalidate your warranty.


  18. crazyboymorgan says:

    amazing i need this phone

  19. waqasahmed939 says:

    Well, CPW says its AMOLED. Surprising given the price of the phone

  20. waqasahmed939 says:

    You can get this on contract with orange, however it does actually work out more expensive(though orange have expensive contracts any way) It’s cheaper to buy the phone from Carphone warehouse, where it will be sim free(unlocked)(with the £10 top up) and then to purchase a sim only 12 month three deal where you receive 300 minutes, 3000 texts, 1GB internet for £10/month

    The Orange contracts are really expensive. Also buying from Orange means that it will probably be locked to orange

  21. YooChuba says:

    Can anyone please confirm if you can install and play fruit ninja on this phone, and other apps like this. Also someone told me that these phones no longer have the “AMOLED” screen but have been replaced by normal quality “TFT” or “LCD” screens. Is this true???
    Can someone please reply about these two questions i have as soon as possible,, thanks in advance.
    – YooChuba

  22. JackTheRippersBack says:

    What is the internet connection on this like when using 3g (not wifi)

  23. Hemorrdroidsnet says:

    @Iwillbiteyouhardd Check hemorrdroids, we have an article on how you can fix market issues.

  24. Iwillbiteyouhardd says:

    I’m downloading apps of the market but it keeps saying ‘starting download’ and doesn’t download it. But it should work on the phone. Does this mean the apps don’t work on my phone?

  25. Hemorrdroidsnet says:

    @RunItzMe But you still started looking through the vids? ;-p