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Orange San Francisco Touchscreen test

Posted on November/30/2014 | Categories: Videos 18 Comments

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18 Responses so far.

  1. Dávid Horváth says:

    @CCMrJones This means its good for pinch and zoom, but not good for
    multitouch games, where you use the screen as a keyboard&mouse.

  2. the1996squidge says:

    huh ihave had hell with myn touchscreen is just not working at all

  3. Scott Fleming says:

    Its £70 , its a bargain!

  4. i dont care says:

    so what does this mean?

  5. i dont care says:

    mine (froyo rom) broke. the touchscreen doesnt work anymore. and my
    father’s broke too. no radio…

  6. ar1hk says:

    yea ,multitouch look like not sensitive and accurate

  7. Dávid Horváth says:

    @milbert456 What is your actual question?

  8. Paul McCarron says:

    @PokemonPatapon 453 but i imagin you have figured this out already

  9. milbert456 says:

    how did u get to this i can’t find it any where x

  10. Daniela Vekvert says:

    @MysticReverie you’re right

  11. Tibor Végh says:

    What’s the app called?

  12. zjcxzll says:

    seems bad

  13. Artur Emenems says:

    multtouch ?

  14. Josiah Allen says:

    yeah im getting this phone…but only as like a secondary weapon 🙂 my
    primary will be n8 just bcuz of the cameraa 😀

  15. weeman261 says:

    Its 453 you phone 450 is for topping up

  16. Geek says:

    @CCMrJones no dude its good for gaming aswell…..even nexus one’s screen
    has the same problem….but it works well in games…as long as the co
    ordinates dont meet each other they r stable…..that is as long as the
    buttons in screen are place at some distance they r gud for gaming…..

  17. thelegofankid says:

    1 thing just calibrate it

  18. my_youtube_channel says:

    Nexus One had a similar issue, not a very big deal.