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Orange San Francisco unboxing (ZTE Blade)

Posted on December/24/2010 | Categories: Videos 16 Comments

Unboxing of a cheap android phone with fantastic specs, on the Orange UK network.

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16 Responses so far.

  1. mvkVirtual says:

    @unlokia So does the grey one, the only models limited to 256MB RAM are both black and white in some European countries. And the LCD screen is not superior to the OLED one, OLED is the proffered choice but they switched to LCD seen as the supply is low etc. These differences are not too noticable however, brilliant phone overall 🙂 Plus apologies for the carpet, it wasn’t actually dirty – its just plastic shavings from some work I was doing, I should of hoovered them before filming really!

  2. unlokia says:

    Great phone – had two of them, but the white SF beats the living daylights out of the other (grey?) model, as the white one has 2x the RAM – 512Mb vs 256Mb on the grey one, and LCD screen.

    PS: Could you have a DIRTIER carpet to put on YT? :-/

  3. mvkVirtual says:

    @DerWaffenHater For the price yeah, but definitely not the best phone ever lol. Try putting this next to an iPhone 4 or a Nexus S! But at £99, this is a steal 🙂

  4. DerWaffenHater says:

    best phone ever!!!

  5. mvkVirtual says:

    @DeeWox I did at first, but the problem seemed to resolve itself. Probably something to do with the settings or something like the way it remembers and reconnects to wireless networks. I’m sure if the problem still persists there is a way of resolving it.

  6. DeeWox says:

    Another youtuber said that he had problems reconnecting to his wireless network. Have you had that problem with yours?

  7. bk1497 says:

    @mvkVirtual thanx 😀

  8. MrAndrewjs says:


    Yeah, I’ve heard the tacky buttons were a bit of a let down 🙁

  9. mvkVirtual says:

    @MrAndrewjs The material feels a tiny bit cheap but you don’t really notice it. The screen seems fine as long as your not really heavy handed, there’s no need to be as its capacitive. The only thing I can fault it on is the chrome strips on the side, specifically the volume rocker which sometimes squeaks when you press it. Overall though, its pretty solid for a budget phone.

  10. MrAndrewjs says:

    Great vid mate! SI the build quality really that bad?? I’ve heard horror stories about it…

  11. mvkVirtual says:

    @Rohedin I plan to, although my camera wont focus on the screen. Although thats not a major issue, as it is all pretty standard android software found on other phones. I will upload more of a thoughts and summary style video, than a massive review.

  12. Rohedin says:

    Are you going to upload the full review soon? I ordered one of these yesterday, looking forward to it 🙂

  13. mvkVirtual says:

    @spinebuster401 Yup, I am filming it tomorrow hopefully 🙂 Thanks for the sub!

  14. spinebuster401 says:

    great video! im going to subscribe ;P can you do a review on this handset?

  15. mvkVirtual says:

    @spinebuster401 Indeed…

  16. spinebuster401 says:

    @SoftwareTutorial fail ;P