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Orange San Francisco/ZTE Blade (White)

Posted on February/4/2011 | Categories: Videos 22 Comments

Today we unbox the Orange San Francisco (ZTE Blade) a budget Android handset with an AMOLED display… Links: shop.orange.co.uk shop.orange.co.uk Check out more technology-related content @ the rav07 channel: www.YouTube.com

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22 Responses so far.

  1. TheMagnator4 says:

    Does anybody know how to delete videos on Zte Blade?

  2. yellowcolourteam says:

    I have only one question. Why isnt it orange?

  3. Krazeman497 says:

    i’m asking if this phone an the 2GB memory card , Headphone , USB Cable and is it the same price as the black san francisco .

  4. England201013 says:

    hi i was just wonderin wat the difference between the white and grey san francisco other dan the colour 🙂

  5. TheMufc187 says:

    grey ones from argos are never in stock, only white versions,FUCK!

  6. TheMufc187 says:

    grey ones from argos are never in stock, only white versions,FUCK!

  7. Csanimate says:

    do you know where i could get one or when orange is going to restock?

  8. DANEZiFy says:

    when can u do a review on it?

  9. docboycrazy1 says:

    looks like a pretty neat phone, Ive been looking at it for weeks as my first contract phone and it looks great is light weight, sound great with the apps and its an android phone which is a +
    could anyone say if its able to get screen protectors for it as it will be in my blazer with my keys or pens ect

  10. Bubblygirlinzone says:

    I HAVE THE EXACT SAME ONE! I would say its absolutley AMAZIN for the price and recommend it. Drawbacks is that once or twice it crashed and also you cannot get a case or screen protector ANYWHERE FOR IT! You have to go to T-Mobile and get a universal one and cut it to size, never even tried to get a case!!!

  11. osxwallpapers says:

    It is a bargain mate, got it a few months ago, love it!

  12. milkykungnaja says:

    Good one mate 😀 I like the intro-in and intro-out of the video too 🙂

  13. rav07 says:

    @rnakpatel I didn’t know that! Just assumed that it did! lol
    As you say, still a great handset though 😀

    Thanks for comment mate!

  14. rnakpatel says:

    Im sorry to inform you but you do not have an OLED screen. The supplied tft screen is still very good so I wouldn’t care! I, too, live in the UK and I am aware that the white OSF never shipped with an OLED. There are various guides on how to check on the internet and more specifically on a website called Modaco.

    There is a world wide AMOLED shortage.. google it! Even Samsung, the makers of AMOLED screens have switched to TFT!
    At the end of the day – amazing phone, amazing price!

  15. kahuna3901 says:

    im thinking of getting this phone while i wait for the motorola atrix to come to the uk. my desire broke recently and i think the insurance company are just going to give me money for a new phone. hopefully then i can just buy a cheap android phone like this and wait for the atrix

  16. bencus11 says:

    When i seen a 2 weeks old white zte blade i bought a gray one..

    google images: zte blade white

  17. bencus11 says:

    When i seen a 2 weeks old white zte blade i bought a gray one..

    google: zte blade white..Its just sad..

  18. AjeetMN says:

    Thanks for the upload, was deciding between the white and grey versions. After seeing this video, I’m going to go for the grey, the white just looks cheap and tacky.

  19. MrAndrewjs says:

    I don’t know if you noticed, but the White one and new shipments of the Grey do NOT have a OLED screen. But a basic but still highly resoluted TFT… 🙁

  20. jalalpurjattan says:

    Its not amoled as they stopped producing it ages ago so its going to be tft especially as its white…

  21. Mitch200714 says:

    put your own rom on it and you can unlock it for free and then its the best phone in the world 🙂

  22. pimpyouriphone3g says:

    Hi Rav,Cool looking phone for the price,For someone who might have never used a smartphone of sort’s this is a perfect soloution for an introduction to the many benefits of android,kind like a go between,I personally would buy this for my wife as a start off phone,she currently has the Samsung Tocco lite,which is a pile of crap,lol,Top notch video buddy 🙂