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Review: ZTE Maven (AT&T GoPhone)

Posted on March/18/2017 | Categories: Videos 12 Comments

Hope you enjoyed the review of the ZTE Maven from AT&T GoPhone!

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12 Responses so far.

  1. Sheldon Beaver says:

    mavin gsm or cdma or both

  2. Sheldon Beaver says:

    is the main a gsm or cdma or both

  3. The Sticky Paper King Slayer aws says:

    I watched this video because I have that phone works well and maybe I would learn something new from this video that I didn't know about my ZTE

  4. Stevie /22 says:

    does it have emojis

  5. Brian G says:

    hi…does it have a decent voice recorder where i can store at least some hours worth of classes?

  6. Moses OTB says:

    Zte maven have the BEST audio player

  7. Vickie Wilkerson says:

    I just did receive mine and so glad that I am watching your video to help me along the way. I am not into smartphones so this was a good start phone for me. Thank you for the video it has answered my questions.

  8. Skyfan1000 says:

    Thanks. I am getting the free replacement due to my old AT&T flip phone. They gave me a choice between a Asus zenphone 2e, a Maven 2, or a ZTE flip phone model Z223. Does anyone know which is best?

  9. Destiny IronLord says:

    ZTE MAVEN 2 is really good. Fast,easy,good network

  10. diegopreznintendo says:

    It is normal to warm up so much? as about 35 degrees celsius without using both

  11. Sjp 1124 says:

    it looks cracked in the beginning

  12. Faction Meep says:

    idk why I'm watching this review when I have a Galaxy S7