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REVROC Black and orange Giants, remix, RevRoc, Wiz Khalifa, Frisco, Giants, Black, & orange, Giants, Playoffs Song, Black & yellow remix, World Series, Giant…

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18 Responses so far.

  1. antbanks415 says:


  2. prettyguhswag008 says:

    like dis song its good forget justin bieber u heard

  3. Angelica J. says:

    nice camaro but ha wiener beiber good song.

  4. Ken Pham says:

    MVP, manager of the year, rookie on the year… those are all diminutive
    things to a World Series Championship. 10 years from now no one will
    remember who won manager of the year but the champions will be remembered.

  5. gotogetitgeenfield says:

    @jkalbert95 I KNOW MAN THE WORST

  6. maxwellzinger says:

    woooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww giants fuck the rest

  7. MotoChick143 says:

    Hahhahaha 1:54

  8. Matthew Rodriguez says:

    Damn can we at least get a good MC on this shit. were the world series
    champs someone step up!!

  9. FabulousGunz says:

    lets go giants

  10. Im Psychotic says:

    sick ass song

  11. LOUISRULES247 says:

    yea ok here we go your team is so gay just like fkn green bay your team is
    on roids and always gets destROID! your fkn teem is so wack they be betta
    while on crack tell em to go back up my ass crack jea ! uh huh uk wat it is
    black and white yankkes respect ho us like a bro so now this song is ova u
    mo fo just gotta let u no respect the yankees yo

  12. 2010xFISHINFOOLx says:

    black and orange who dey, go bengals

  13. Yuseichaaan48 says:

    @aaronlint fuck the sox, go Giants!!!

  14. 666baptised says:

    even chuck norris couldnt help texas

  15. yogoAgogofilms says:

    @LaurenFrancesca2012 yeah….thats a fuckin joke bro. GO GIANTS!!!

  16. doggyh20 says:

    rep the black and orange or you’ll get shot at best or beat close to death
    one of the two. Compton aint got shit on San Fran were really gangsta stay.
    Just cause we have one the largest homosexuality populations doesn’t mean
    gay’s cant be gansta

  17. cdor says:


  18. wilbert916 says:

    WIt T.Smith at the helm. We gone be goin Red & Gold in ’bout 3 months.