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Rogers Rocket Hub: Changing your network settings

Posted on January/20/2015 | Categories: Videos 10 Comments

Enjoy high speed internet and unlimited local calling for only /month.

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10 Responses so far.

  1. TheLaker54 says:

    How do you change your MTU settings to go onto XBOX Live

  2. TANVIR H. Nipun says:

    very interesting man, i will go en get one , fucking cell phone cost me a

  3. Upii2 says:

    what is the website pls i need

  4. Bennett dowuonah okai says:

    hi i cant find my way into my network settings….i think i forgot my
    password…please help me i need my wireless settings to work

  5. lDarksideRSl says:

    rogers default password is USER

  6. withingamer says:

    do you have to pay a 10 dollars extra a month if you change the nat type to

  7. a1mint says:

    What’s been your highest bill?

  8. SuperSting101 says:

    i need to know how to change my mtu setting plz give me some help

  9. LinkWirelessTV says:

    There is no charge to change the name of your wireless network. It’s free.
    Instructions come in the box!

  10. a1mint says:

    $50 my ass. Normal people easily use 20GB. That’s $60 + $15 + $50 = $125
    Very misleading product!