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Forum Link w/ Download: http://www.cricketusers.com/cricket-zte-source/127454-%5Btutorial%5D-root-tutorial-cricket-wireless-zte-source.html

Please visit the link above for more information on how to root your Cricket Wireless ZTE Source.

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18 Responses so far.

  1. MasterZebulin says:

    ZTE Sonata 3?

  2. Stay Alive says:

    ZTE overture 2 5.1?

  3. gargola abel says:

    How download the Files where is the linK man

  4. Tazzwar Azam says:

    it says root failed

  5. Kunou's says:

    This was unexpectedly, incredibly easy. Thank you!

  6. Joseph Emmanuel says:

    Any root method for the zte grand x max plus

  7. tanner says:

    Root master dose not work on Windows 8.1

  8. Xstra KoolDude says:

    Is this just for this particular phone?

  9. Bethany Harris says:

    When I plug my phone in, NOTHING happens? 🙁 (

  10. Pol says:

    worked for my ZTE Z993

  11. Jo Hutch says:

    followed it perfectly.. DID NOT ROOT MY PHONE. i have the same cell.

  12. the_randomizer says:

    Would the ZTE Z740G be rooted with this?

  13. Jerry Yut says:

    Why does my antivirus say there is Trojan software in this when I scan it?

  14. Carol Aguero says:

    That was awesome can u do mine lol 😄

  15. Official Digital HDx Productions says:

    I want to root my device but I'm afraid that it will brick. I rooted my HTC One V fine before but after rooting it I noticed a significant drop in the speed of the phone. Don't want that to happen to my ZTE Source. Nice tutorial though.

  16. espinosacct says:

    Question?, This phone has a SIM card?

  17. Alex Mendez says:

    Won't work