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Samsung Finesse (Metro PCS) – Hands-On

Posted on May/2/2015 | Categories: Videos 21 Comments

Metro PCS goes TouchWiz! Samsung drops the Finesse, Metro PCS’ first all-touch phone. With a full touchscreen, TouchWiz UI, 2 MP camera, and high speed mobile Internet, Finesse brings the…

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21 Responses so far.

  1. poppin3789 says:

    why are they gonna discontiue the finessse?

  2. oiramormedeiros says:

    @ilyjoesphadam You made me feel so bad… Im sorry

  3. G33G33punk says:

    the internet sign is ugly for this phone. lol.but its still cool.

  4. Moratto says:

    can u use yahoo im?

  5. Nikki Cole says:

    I want this phone soo damn bad…. i just dont wanna pay 350.00 for it…..

  6. jose soto says:

    damm all u ppl take fones for granted be happy u even have a computer to
    look fones up

  7. yourmusicyourchance says:

    no the fuck it aint its regional not national business so your the dumb
    fuck that need to think before you write or speak

  8. COD GHOSTS says:

    id rather get the blackberry curve for metro,the phone just came out
    everything unlimited $50 a month thats just siick

  9. natacheen says:

    @jacisneros86 I agree, I regret getting this phone big time

  10. Tampabruh says:

    They saved you some money, and disappointment. I had this phone, it

  11. Anai Avalos says:

    @yaz90jordan Depends on ur plan.

  12. alexander napoles says:

    wheres the C in it n00b

  13. cuzaca says:

    @adamgamedude it was 349

  14. der Yu says:

    just so so ,but i will buy it with the lower price

  15. tuamorcito11 says:

    i dnt knw how to use this phone i paid over 400 total and i dnt knw how to
    use it. how do u aply a ringtone

  16. Jason Ventoza says:

    hey i have that phone! it rocks!

  17. Uriel Lupian says:

    a can u make a review on the new touch screen from metro pcs if u can PLZ
    🙂 ^_^

  18. Teh Blink says:

    @ilyjoesphadam u suc

  19. agapito estereo says:


  20. Kathleen Brosnan says:

    best phone i’ve had out of many!

  21. XxQueenC321xX says:

    its all over usa!!!!!!!!!!!