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samsung freeform metropcs

Posted on April/27/2015 | Categories: Videos 14 Comments

metro pcs samsung freeform.

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14 Responses so far.

  1. TOASTLIVE305 says:

    just the pics appear small in the gallary but wen u send em 2 email myspace
    facebook its a reg size pic thats all i hate about it

  2. diasflac0g . says:

    Is there an option in the settings that lets you take off those annoying
    shortcuts on the main screen? (talking about that row of shortcuts in the
    lower part of the screen)

  3. sittingdavon says:

    can u put videos on it

  4. Katie bianco says:

    oh ok

  5. deion mcknight says:

    great review im bout 2 go get 1

  6. TOASTLIVE305 says:

    128 nd sum change

  7. TOASTLIVE305 says:

    naaa it gt beep yu can take it off and the plastic is nt that hard so yu
    dnt really hear click click unless its super silent

  8. Caliluv562 says:

    hows the battery life on this phone? and hows the reception?

  9. NationalGeoboy1 says:

    heyy i got this phone about a week ago and everything it works fine and its
    pretty dope but when i tried to go on youtube and watch videos it said
    unsupported content type? anyone know a way i can watch youtube videos on
    this phone?

  10. TOASTLIVE305 says:

    thxz lol

  11. TOASTLIVE305 says:

    yess and the songs you put on your memory card whole songs it can do it all

  12. Lordyne Previlma says:

    good review of video but its blurry only mistake

  13. yoh0mieG says:

    How much is it in stores? is it still $119 like it is online or more

  14. princesszwinky says:

    i love this phone i just got it the other day my friend is jelous of me
    cause she wants the phone but she says its confusing