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SGJ3 Camera samples http://youtu.be/pJUagMW1uS4

ZTE Warp Elite Camera samples http://youtu.be/lxbR3AKZ_mg

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10 Responses so far.

  1. juan morales says:

    Does the zte warp elite have emoticons?

  2. Andrea Picarelli says:

    Can you use a bluetooth headset with the ZTE Warp Elite?

  3. Sasha Johnson says:

    in your opinion which one is better which would you choose?

  4. Jim McCarthy says:

    You need to upgrade your video camera..almost unwatchable.

  5. Bernard Thomas says:

    people sleeping on zte but the zte axon pro is the best phone out at this time better than any flagship that Samsung,HTC,or lg,have,with 4gb of ram a octa core snapdragon 810 processor,13 mp.dual camera on back and a 8 mp.front camera. it has a 5.5-inch display with 2,560×1,440-pixel resolution.and has 62gb rom for internal memory ,and you can find one on Amazon for under $300 the zte axon pro is definitely the flagship killer..no Samsung flagship at this time have the snapdragon 810 with a ccta core processor with 4gb of ram.and I want to see how many people still don't mess with zte when they come out with the warp elite 2 this year with a 1080p screen resolution and 3 gb of ram for $200..the same people talking trash is going to be line up to get it..

  6. Siu Puteni says:

    Which one should I get ?

  7. mykylc says:

    It's too bad the J3 has a slower processor than the S3 and such a lower quality camera. :(

  8. Darlene Paul says:

    Thanks for this review Tito I really appreciate it

  9. melvin mcmichael says:

    I don't like zte at all and I would only deal with lg or htc and that's it

  10. WARREN ELLIS says:

    the comparison ive been looking forward to thanks