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Samsung Tint Cellphone Review

Posted on June/3/2011 | Categories: Videos 20 Comments

Learn and find out what the Samsung Tint has to offer before you buy.

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20 Responses so far.

  1. flash510 says:

    if you have earphones connected and full songs playing can you close the phone and the music still play?

  2. WatchMeSeeYou says:

    You wanna get cut

  3. aspetwhy says:

    blow your fucking nose already!

  4. sugadew says:

    how does the chatLink work…?

  5. lutchmenarine says:

    has no contract and everything is unlimited

  6. Rodriguez9181 says:

    It looks like its a regular phone….why does it cost so much? $129.. I have a virginmobile phone for $15, a basic one like the Tint

  7. ayjntghost says:

    no offenshh but u shhound like u have a mouth full of shhpit

  8. haitiankid09 says:

    how many contacs does hold

  9. haitiankid09 says:

    How many CONTACTS does it hold

  10. haitiankid09 says:

    dude can u show the faceplate

  11. haitiankid09 says:

    whatd do u mean pink faceoplate

  12. WatchMeSeeYou says:

    guidebook, charger, coupon, 1 pink faceplate set, 1 gray faceplate set.

  13. brazem96 says:

    what comes in the box ?

  14. WatchMeSeeYou says:

    bluetooth and for wallpaper after you take a picture it will say in opition set as wallpaper or picture ID

  15. cellkrazy says:

    where do u get ur ringtones from and how do u do the walpaper thing

  16. Bugstomper2 says:

    Any cellphone made by SamSUCK is best to be thrown against a wall, because I been through three of them [different models] and they can’t hold a signal, no matter what they, or the sales people tell you! The most basic thing a cellphone should do is be able to find a cell tower, even if it’s far away or the signal is weak!

  17. WatchMeSeeYou says:

    the phone is outstanding. i love it its my baby mamma

  18. brazem96 says:


    is this a good phone ?

  19. WatchMeSeeYou says:

    themes as the wallpaper or the front and back faceplates. the wallpaper it only comes with the metro logo but with the camera you can make you own. the removable faceplated comes with the gary one i have on, but also i pink design

  20. brazem96 says:

    what themes dose this phone have ?