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Should You UpGrade To ZTE Blade X Max vs ZTE Zmax Pro vs ZTE Grand X Max 2 Cricket Wireless IMHO

Today I speak about if you should upgrade to the latest zte blade x max from cricket wireless if you woon the zte zmax pro or the zte grand x max or maybe some other phones from cricket wireless! Magic Tech Review Official Website
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14 Responses so far.

  1. Manda Mae says:

    I bought the blade x max on black friday and I do not have any issues so far. It's amazing! I love the camera and storage big upgrade from the grand x4

  2. Melissa Rodriguez says:

    Why isn't cricket letting android marshmallow phone upgrade to nougat. I think its a lil stupid that my phone can't upgrade to nougate.

  3. Dale Jr says:

    i will wait until they replace the xmax i bought the X. ZTE will have to fix all the stuff in xmax

  4. Phone Phone says:

    Upset that my idol 4 is still rocking 6.0.1. not even 7.0. thankfully I now use this phone only for media consuming and not my daily driver iPhone 6s plus. Still with cricket but getting tired.

  5. Cory Brasi2 says:

    I'm way behind I still use the z833 😱😱

  6. Jessica Johnson says:

    Not a huge fan of zte phones I'll stay with LG phones

  7. Gabino Sanchez says:

    how can I use the free hot-spot apps on the blade x max? I had the grand x max and was able to use foxfi and portable Wi-Fi hot-spot apps and have free Wi-Fi with my unlimited data.. I try it with my blade x max and it doesn't let me?

  8. Augusto Lugo says:

    Bought the phone, it has plenty of bugs, when using YouTube the video images goes dark, you could still hear the sound, the camera app crashes, it re boots, send it back to cricket and they keep sending me a Refurbished phone, the phone was less than 30 days old, after many phone calls and agravation I am stuck with someone else problem phone, just yesterday I couldn't even make a call! Stay away from ZTE, disappointed with Cricket for not giving me a new phone.

  9. Tech Insanity says:

    Planning on going back to cricket from Sprint . My LG G6 even unlocked probably won't work on cricket so I'm pick this up most likely

  10. murfee 123 says:

    you should check out the zte axon 7 it is metal and flagship quality and you like zte i think

  11. Antwon Boughton says:

    do you think that T-Mobile going to have the ZTE blade x max soon

  12. ROAD TO NOWHERE says:

    the zte pro 2 is coming out in july. with 4 k video

  13. TONY B the TECH TIGER says:

    nah ZTE is beginning to cheap out with one too many problems​ I will have to take a pass on this generation of ZTE. please ZTE​ don't forget your core folks who's helping to make you who you are. I have a LG Stylo 3 plus that I only owe a little over a hundred bucks on I'll be holding on to it and will likely pass on the zmax pro 2 when it comes out to T-Mobile sadly.

  14. Augusto Lugo says:

    Does the 25 gift card applies to existing customers just upgrading to the Blade X Max?