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Sony Xperia XA Ultra VS ZTE ZMax Pro

Posted on July/30/2017 | Categories: Videos 17 Comments

ZTE ZMax Pro https://www.zteusa.com/zmaxpro
Sony. Xperia XA Ultra https://www.sonymobile.com/us/products/phones/xperia-xa-ultra/

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#ZTE #ZMaxPro VS #Sony #XperiaXAUltra #FIGHT #BATTLE

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17 Responses so far.

  1. jmd114 says:

    hi, which one is better for gaming? also, do you see any backlight bleeding in either? thanks!

  2. Nicky Flash says:

    one of the best reviewers I've come across. always great content and in a timely entertaining manner. your opinion is always appreciated thanks. keep doing what you're doing. 👍

  3. Rafael Tenorio says:

    Great comparison J. Williams! Already own a ZMax Pro and just picked up a like new XA Ultra for under $200, so will give it a try. To me 6 inch is the perfect size for a phone screen, so happy to try these bad boys out. Currently test driving an Ascend XT, that I picked up for $49. Not a premium phone definitely, but for that money….

  4. ChrisE87 says:

    please please please do zmax pro vs 6p size comparison

  5. Luz Mcdougall says:

    is the zte zmas pro is going to be discountinued by t mobile because i will like to buy one

  6. tomcat360 says:

    I've been able to get 10 hrs of screen time, watching YouTube, since the latest update. i have screen shots. Love your reviews and they are very informative and easy to understand.

  7. Wolves_kwt ! says:

    sony Xperia 😍 😍

  8. Debra Dukes says:

    J my phone has been a little glitchey lately and I have been bombarded with many Video's Lately.I miss my Usual Tech peeps.So if you guys see me popping in and out having some issues again.I have not seen this Sony Xperia phone before but Excellent Review as I expect from you.I also see Trolls being Trolls as usual and you are far from Heavy I seen you play Ball Maybe Giant as in tall 😉Thanks again for Awesome Review Deb.

  9. Ross's Tech & More says:

    Excellent video as always

  10. curt2g1998 says:

    I kind of like the flap. It keeps you from needing an injection tool, plus it isn't like it's very noticeable, if at all. The Sony is around $280, though. So I would expect it to be quite a bit better than the ZMax Pro.

  11. Angel Roman says:

    still loving the pro, but like you said "there is some competition out there right now" … I feel Wich ever way you look at it the ZMAX is almost unbeatable for the price and deal you get with metro, right now it's free if you Port your number, along with the j7, just amazing discounts. speaking of the j7, the j7 prime is out and I would like to know your input on that. thanks again for another great comparison ✌

  12. Troy Wright says:

    Great video as always J, i still can't take my hands off the zmax and now im rocking naked so it feels good in the hand's im picking up the Ax 7 mini tomorrow tho

  13. OTechTime says:

    Great comparison video bro. I wanted the Sony just held off maybe they can change my mind this year

  14. FFDP Fan says:

    Even if you were fat, that doesn't define you as the type of person you are. Maybe the person that said that, is insecure about themself that they gotta troll and put other people down to make them feel more superior and masculine. Which is wrong on so many levels. You make these videos for the YouTube audience and give your input on devices you review. Keep up the good work man, I enjoy your videos

  15. Daniel Francis says:

    Don't know enough about the zte max but you absolutely correct about the ultra there some good things but sony certainly missed out on making it a great phone the design is flag ship, but battery and storage not so good. yet again a good honest review

  16. trixunlimited says:

    the ZTE sound quality is so much better.

  17. Travis Ford says:

    I currently own the ZTE Max Pro. Love it. It's the largest phone I've ever owned. I've owned every galaxy phone up to the S6 edge, but I have to say the Max Pro is my favorite