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spray paint artist (FSPA #1)

Posted on July/9/2010 | Categories: Videos 12 Comments

francisco the spray paint artist

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12 Responses so far.

  1. SPACEcadet1108 says:

    Sweet 5*

  2. firmansyahful says:

    what paper do you used plz?

  3. slcx3818 says:

    thanx for the comment man i appreciate it

  4. jasutinsan says:

    great job man!! I really liked how you didnt have music in the background like 90% of the other spray vids have. Cheers to you, good sir!!

  5. 1995jdl says:

    your good at making caves

  6. MetalHead4Jesus777 says:


  7. heyJ0sH says:

    Very good.

  8. CalebV713 says:

    ya ur right

  9. slcx3818 says:

    yes they are ny fats but i dont recommend them for spray paint art becuase wen it sprays its spray to light and the paint sinks threw ny fats are strickly for bombing

  10. SSK13559 says:

    ya they r

  11. CalebV713 says:

    nyc fat caps?

  12. tcvaldez says:

    I like it.