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Sunday Tech Day #1 Boost Max+, Lg G Stylo, & more

Posted on February/28/2018 | Categories: Videos 6 Comments

All things tech

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6 Responses so far.

  1. Kevin Armstrong says:

    Is there a way to unlock bootloader and flash a custom recovery for zte max+? also is there any custom ROMs for max+? thanks

  2. Sebastian J says:

    To Each Their Own…But Battery Saving App Are Rubbish… I Sadly Stopped What Used To Be A Splendid App Called Battery Doctor~Cause The Last Update For That App Before I Stopped Using It Became Confusing ~I Find That Using The Preinstalled Battery Saving Feature In The Settings~Then Go To Battery & Power Saving…Since I Started Using That~Very Good Battery Life In My LG G Stylo[And My Samsung Galaxy Prevail LTE]…So[To Everyone Out There]If Ur Device Has A Battery/Power Saving Feature~Use That Instead Of Battery Saving Apps[Juice Defender Is Suckish Of All]…Set It On Immediately… U Can Turn It Of And On From The The Notification Shade…Enjoy…

  3. Sebastian J says:

    I've Spoke To Customer Service At BoostMobile [And VirginMobile~When I Was With Them]They Said Ur Not Suppose To Root Phones Anyway~Its Against Their Policy~Abd Shall Result In Termination Of Sevice~And Voids The Warranty Among Other Doom Of Device…

  4. Sebastian J says:

    There's No Comparison… LG G Stylo Is The Better Device Clearly… ZTE Max+ Is Rubbish…If This Was 2012 The ZTE Max+ Would Be A Splendid Phone ~But It A Craptastic Device And Just Not Gonna Cut It In 2015…LG G Stylo Is The Device…From What I See There Isn't Much Improvement To The First ZTE Max…Its More Like ZTE Minus…

  5. TheGamerSharky says:

    do a vid on how to get xposed on lg g stylo android lolipop 5.0.2

  6. Techsss Mechsss says:

    How do I root my T-Mobile stylo on 5.1.1?! And I have no clue how to partition my sd card 🙁