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Did this for my movie buff friends and thought Id share surprise… Bell over 2x faster, taking 42 seconds vs Rogers at 92 secs to finish video. Tested Bell’s new HSPA+ network to Rogers in streaming the apple trailer of 2012 in 720p HD using their internet sticks. Same Dell laptops, same operating state with emptied caches to make a fair test. Enjoy, and look out for more reviews including Avatar for all us movie fans for the Christmas season! Ciao.

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19 Responses so far.

  1. Katbvarina says:

    if you are still looking where to see this one, try online on boorek, they have all new movies

  2. cdhp says:

    Actually, old news boy, Rogers was not dropped by AT&T, they bought their shares back in 2004, seven years ago. The only connection bell and at&t have is through their roaming service, they are not partners otherwise.

  3. cosworth2009 says:

    Bell is on top and for all the didn’t know. Rogers got dropped by AT&T to partners now with Bell.

  4. leaf16nut says:


    No, I’m running at 100MB on my home wireless… thats a big jump from 3mb to 100mb…

  5. Tobias47reaper says:

    you forgot to press apply on the bell laptop when you cleared the cache

  6. hereiam911 says:

    @AgaKakaZai It reaches the upper echlons of speed that I’ve seen, but is replicable given distance from the antenna. Do you mean KBps or Kbps?
    Yes all of Canada would rid themselves of wired internet connections, because all of Canada would want to pay 85$ to download 5GB and roughly 50$ per additional GB over the 5GB. Undoubtedly, Watson.

  7. AgaKakaZai says:

    I asked a Bell representative the upload speed of Bell Turbo Stick and posted in my comment above. You claim to have seen it go 3 Mbps, is that the average upload speed you see on it? I would imagine if it were that fast – all of Canada would get rid of their home internet connections and buy the Bell Turbo Stick instead.

    No shit, sherlock, the Max series are for wired internet connection. What is your point? I was merely helping AdamKaoru with a package he could get 1 Mbps of speed with.

  8. TCX5L says:

    the rogers stick is better looking 😛

  9. hereiam911 says:

    @AgaKakaZai … I’m not sure what you’re referring to… but the Bell Mobility wireless internet plans don’t specify an upload rate (just a capacity,) and I’ve seen it go anywhere up to 3mbps. Also, the Max 10 you refer to is for the wired ADSL internet connection.
    If you don’t know much about it, don’t pretend to.

  10. secretwmp says:

    When you visit a different country, first it would depend on if that country has a 3G/EDGE/HSPA network of their own. If they do have, they must have a contract with ROGERS/BELL etc to ‘share’ their network. This would consider to be ‘roaming’, it would be very expensive to use.

  11. MrEinsteinGamer says:

    Hi, i have a bit of a noob question. With these sticks would i be able to access the internet in a different country? Lets say I am about to go and visit Pakistan would I be able to access the internet with these?

  12. 312868541 says:

    Sir did you try the wind mobile unlimited internet stick. for $55. they slow down your internet when you go over 5gb of monthly usage. please if you can (or already did) post some reviews on this.

  13. dbike186 says:

    + i was with bell like 1 or 2 years ago and i put my!! account on hold cause computer was dead so then i get anouther computer so i phone bell to get my internet again and on 48 hours ill have it great 48 hours later i phone bell i dont have internet ok they say 24 hours ur have it 24 hours later i phone bell i dont have internet this went on for 2 weeks then i quit bell

  14. dbike186 says:

    r u using same computers for both and r they both the same memery how about the sticks they both same memery?u can get different sizes

  15. nikobellicgtaiv says:

    Rogers is the stupidest piece of shit in the world. I friickin hate it. Retarted faggots

  16. perrymacdougallrk says:

    This is an exceptional movie, I viewed it online for free in HD at: watchmovies4free [dot] org

  17. AgaKakaZai says:

    Bell does provide an upload speed of 1 mpbs in their Max 10 package $58/monthly. You need to call them up and see what services are available in your area because these things vary from places around Canada.

  18. AdamKaoru says:

    ah.. that sucks 🙁 I need 1mbps at least, uploading videos is HELL on 256kbps.

    Thanks for the info

  19. AgaKakaZai says:

    Upload speed for the Bell turbo stick is 384 Kbps. Hope that helps.