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This is how to replace the ZTE ZMAX”s Battery

Posted on April/10/2016 | Categories: Videos 4 Comments

How to replace the ZTE ZMAX Battery

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4 Responses so far.

  1. haydn dorado says:

    I dropped my phone in water and I put it in a bowl of rice but then it started to vibrate like crazy. The vibrating stopped And it stopped turning on too. What do you suggest??

  2. Nasia Daly says:

    Is there a way i can still remove the back with one screw left…because i have a stripped screw and i cant get it out..i need help lol

  3. Izzy2014 says:

    thank youu a lot when i open the back battery cover i was like and now whattt lol how i can remove it now with this video i know thanks. i got a question my phone droped in water but i quickly dry it with a towel the next thing i do was stuped this is my first time i drop a phone lol so i dont know anything but i try just to save it i put a hair blower to dry it. now i know this was the most stuped thing i ever done:( anyways the thing is the phone dont turn on (was on when it drop in the water and take like 5 minut to turn off by itself and do nothing more) now i plug the charger and the phone just vibrate repetly and the light of charge indicator turn red and turn off and on. it can be need of change of battery? (maybe because a short circuit?) what do you think

  4. Chris Biersack says:

    YOure A genius <3 None has made this beofre and i like my phone Thank You