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Tilera Launches 100-Core Processor

Posted on October/25/2018 | Categories: Videos 12 Comments


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12 Responses so far.

  1. GhostXoP says:

    He wouldn't understand don't bother lol

  2. HobbieZones says:

    @SamuraiBatgirl would have to be like 1,000,000 or more PPD

  3. Mad Max says:

    @JustStat i'm with u it's not good idea

  4. Arno Pan says:

    If it only works with desktop computers….:( Maybe when I get older. Ha ha 😀

  5. harry wood says:


    just stop copying what i say :S

  6. AdamCreations says:

    @MrAben1995 i'll pull out my Penium3 on ya from my HP pavillion lol

  7. harry wood says:


    ohh come on my grand pa celeron rocks!!

  8. AdamCreations says:

    @MrAben1995 my Sempron Tops your -.-"

  9. SamuraiBatgirl says:

    Think of the folding@home possibilities! *Drools…*

  10. JustStat says:

    I love tech and computers and it intrigues me to no end. However I feel that cloud computing is a very very bad idea. Think about it, all of your personal data your photos credit card numbers notes passwords and essentially everything that would normally be stored locally on your hard drive will be stored on a server and be the sole property of the company and will be able to use sell or keep it for any reason they see fit. Just a warning.

  11. harry wood says:

    my pentium D is better -_-"

  12. DreksTV says:

    oh god, here we go. back then the bit wars now, the core wars.