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Tracfone ZTE Valet Review

Posted on March/21/2019 | Categories: Videos 16 Comments


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16 Responses so far.

  1. Fagg0T GamesReviewer says:

    I would say this is a weirdly good bang for your buck phone, depending on what you use it for. I like ZTE Valet because oddly enough I actually used it when I had been homeless 3 years ago, it had some damn good bass when you used it as a mp3 player, and what it got down perfectly was being super simplistic, coming with a 4 gb sd card which was cool as heck for the time, and as far as being a tough phone to break overall and being my introduction to Android jellybean and ZTE as a company, it left some damn good impressions on me. It's kinda like the essence of a hard to love but easy to hate phone. That's my experience with the Valet tbh

  2. MegaCharizardEX 101 says:

    I am using this phone right now

  3. MegaCharizardEX 101 says:

    I am looking at this video with the phone you are holding

  4. Avalene LoForte says:

    how do I save picture messages on this phone no menu pops up to save when I press and hold picture under a text message

  5. Saggy Flapjackz says:

    I'm just looking for a tracfone to pair with my iPod touch since I'm on wifi so much I just need something to txt with so something like this should be perfect

  6. The Last Lukalaili says:


  7. jakenbobper says:

    do not buy this phone when u download 7 apps it becomes laggy and super shitty

  8. SmøkêØůt Prîmê says:

    I had this for a first phone. I liked it at first but as I added things to it, it became slow and crappy. I had it for about a year, I'm glade I got a new moto e instead because this phone sucks once you learn more about it. Storage was good but this phone is slow and it has to do what you want. and the video camera do sent pause when you do videos is a good phone for kids so my mom liked it but once she learned how annoying it was she got me a new one last year and I'm glade. if your older or a kid I recommend but if your a teenager or someone who likes androids get a Samsung or a moto e

  9. etur0 says:

    I just got this phone since I use a TracFone flip phone and just want to use it for spotify at work which there is an offline mode so I wont waste the data

  10. Traci Llewellyn says:

    it takes three minutes to turn on

  11. Tanya To Hot says:

    Does this phone have wifi

  12. Layne Staley says:

    A phone for older folks and small children. If you want it for practice purposes then look elsewhere because this phone sucks balls.

  13. JDV says:

    Don't buy this phone. it has many problems with it. I've had mine for a year and a half. The mic breaks after a year and it's very slow.

  14. MyLife Amy says:

    My valet won't sync my emails even though I turned the sync on. It keeps saying "unable to connect". Though I have my sync on…. What do I do. What's wrong. Help I'd appreciate it! 😉

  15. Lorenzo Cunningham says:

    20 dollar phone's my haircut cost more then that

  16. Sylvia Ramirez says:

    how do we delete a Google account on the device if we don't want it on the phone anymore?