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Tutorial On How To Get Free Apps On Any Android Phone Without Jailbreak Since There Isn’t Any Jailbreaks For My Android Phone ZTE Racer If Anybody Knows How To Jailbreak It Please Message Me Thanks Youtube Btw its crap Quality LOL! 4shared link: www.4shared.com if your phone breaks IT WAS YOUR CHOICE !!!

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25 Responses so far.

  1. OblivionProductionzz says:

    @ThugDefined but he’s a gay fag who sucks dick and who’s balls aint dropped

  2. ThugDefined says:

    @OblivionProductionzz That doesn’t make sense, Bieber gets paid for his voice..do you?

  3. TheEdi920 says:

    omg this works very gooooood but the picture is not so good

  4. moviefreak478 says:

    @OblivionProductionzz i can’t find unknown sorces

  5. productionmadman says:

    @OblivionProductionzz Thats ok.
    Good luck with the 1080p version

  6. productionmadman says:

    @OblivionProductionzz Thats ok.
    Good luck with the 1080p version

  7. OblivionProductionzz says:

    @productionmadman Thanks for the support but they wont be hating when i put my 1080p version on wednesday

  8. productionmadman says:

    That kid is making that vid for the people that wants apps then all u lot do is taking the p*ss

  9. OblivionProductionzz says:

    @Cameronpetersen97 its kool im making a hd version u will try on your trnasform?

  10. Cameronpetersen97 says:

    Great video dude I will try on my transform

  11. OblivionProductionzz says:

    @H4RDSoren i was about 10 at least im no justin beiber

  12. persiankapone21 says:

    @H4RDSoren yo i have to agree

  13. persiankapone21 says:

    dude look at ur face kill urself

  14. OblivionProductionzz says:

    @persiankapone21 learn to type then

  15. persiankapone21 says:

    @OblivionProductionzz i was on my htc inspire dumass

  16. OblivionProductionzz says:

    @persiankapone21 learn to spell before you call anyone retarded

  17. persiankapone21 says:

    @OblivionProductionzz wiw ur retarded

  18. OblivionProductionzz says:

    @moviefreak478 well un-tick unknown sources well if i get 25 subs i’ll upload the hd version

  19. moviefreak478 says:

    it keeps saying install blocked please help!!!

  20. H4RDSoren says:

    fix your voice man it sounds retarded..

  21. OblivionProductionzz says:

    @Turtle20846 that what she said 😉

  22. OblivionProductionzz says:

    @zaidandtanner why did u watch this video then u tard

  23. Turtle20846 says:

    Camera sukz

  24. zaidandtanner says:


  25. OblivionProductionzz says:

    @js13ish Sub 😀