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Unboxing of the Boostmobile Max Plus

Posted on July/2/2018 | Categories: Videos 19 Comments

Quick unboxing of the Boostmobile max plus by zte

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19 Responses so far.

  1. D. Harrell says:

    how's ur Max plus so far people like what they like. many bashing Max plus but I don't like warp elite. if people buy phones for camera buy a real camera no phone can beat that. I'm a real world user it's preference. I have Max plus could of bought warp elite don't like it use a phone before bashing it. every company out there makes faulty phones even flagship most of you always had budget phones let's keep it real cry babies.

  2. mario baylor says:

    this phone is nice I have it and I have no problems at all

  3. angel aviles says:

    This phone suck

  4. DK Fury says:

    sorry bro metro pcs LG G stylo all day we dont see people with this weak ass zte phone

  5. Bernard Thomas says:

    the best budget phone boost have is the zte warp elite

  6. Bernard Thomas says:

    the Warp elite is better then this phone..and it's under $200

  7. Latonya Mcknight says:

    Hello… I'm considering buying the boost Max plus. I had an LG style that crashed on me after a system update. Any other pointers on the plus ?

  8. Thomas Keeter says:

    yeah like the boost max plus phone it better than the old boost max

  9. Thomas Keeter says:

    the gold boost max plus is really good i like it better than the old one

  10. wH4tS DoPe says:

    nope the lg g stylo has a 2gb ram 16gb rom a 13 mgpx camara on metropcs…on boost mobile it only has a 1gb ram 8gb rom 8mgpx camara…my lg g stylo on metro pcs destroys this phone

  11. wH4tS DoPe says:

    zte has lots of problems with their phones i had the first zte max and i stoped working after 8 months when ever i turn on the phone the screen would go blackout ill never get a zte phone again…yhees the color of the zte max plus looks cool but my lg g stylo is way better😜😜

  12. future mind says:


  13. future mind says:

    I have the ZTE Boost Max. Rooted. I love it. it has a decent speed , and storage space. The OS I have does not permit for very good storage space, and Im afraid of bricking it , because I'm not an expert at techy stuff so I dont mess around with the internals. The same phone with double the speed, and an updated OS would be great. Im sure its a great phone. Thank you for the review, I will look into getting this phone.

  14. TheFamousPeachess s says:

    The Boost Max Zte & Max Plus lowkey copied the iPhone 6 n iPhone 6 plus with the different colors and how the camera is and logo cheap version lowkey👏😹

  15. LOR FLEX says:

    tbh I had my zte boost max so long and I can get a half price for the new one they want me to put out $200 for this shit after all this years boost mobile and zte can kiss ass ain't shit really new about the damn thing for all this is y'all better off getting a lg stylo fr 👌👌👌

  16. Kendrick Sellers says:

    1 mp front camera that sucks for any 200 dollar phone. Its dosent even come close to beating the T mobile LG Stylo. Nothing really changed but minor specs.

  17. mario ayala reyes says:

    Thanks for the unboxing

  18. mario ayala reyes says:

    Do a review. Of the boost max+

  19. Milly Tilly says:

    Is the front camera any good??? 😒