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Unboxing our brand new ZTE Grand X In – the Intel Version of this mobile phone.

Shipped with Android 4.0.4, we will see when the update arrive.

On the first opinion it’s a very lightweight, fast , and very nice to handle device.

More Reviews will follow.

Thank you for watching.

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15 Responses so far.

  1. Lechy901 says:

    Is this video captured by Google glass?

  2. aleksandar jovanovic says:

    you supose to touch really fucking hard, right?

  3. Ley-Ann Garcia says:

    WHERE can i buy this phone here in philippines? & how much its cost?

  4. Pyrofreak1102 says:


  5. MANGUP ULICA says:

    Is this phone compatible with Temple Run ?

  6. thunderchundering says:

    where can i buy this in Australia

  7. Dusan Tomovic says:

    e ovako…posteno koriscenje traje ceo dan, ali kad bi bas gledao snimke na internetu igrao igrice rekao bih oko 4 sata….sto se tice baterije kad je normalno koriscenje u pitanju moze da postigne 2 dana :))))) pozdrav

  8. Dusan Tomovic says:

    da ne slazem za dan dva cu da ti kazem … samo da utvrdim :)))

  9. Perashin says:

    Dusane, koliko ti traje baterija?

  10. Dusan Tomovic says:


  11. BLOGDOT.TV says:

    we tried GTA Vice City, only white screen after Intro Video, maybe patch is coming soon, we will see… BLOG.Dot TV

  12. BLOGDOT.TV says:

    in Austria it is 0.- with a conract that costs 8 euro a mont, so when you calculate all togheter the 2 years you are paying i say max. 200euros but you used the contract with internet and everything. we think thats very nice.

    kind reg.
    BLOG.Dot TV

  13. BLOGDOT.TV says:

    the most apps and games are running fluently like Mass Effects as you can see. we can post more videos later on.
    but the most are working, some apps need an update due to the intel cpu thats right, but we think there gonna be more devicec with this chipset in the future. Thank you BLOG.Dot TV

  14. BLOGDOT.TV says:

    das steht aber auch bei uns im impressum drinnen wo unser office ist ^^ aber egal, einen schönen tag noch.

  15. George Vlachos says:

    @Arkaz181 Where did you bought the.phone? Here in Greece it costs 250 € !