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Unboxing ZTE Compel AT&T GoPhone 4G LTE

Posted on September/23/2017 | Categories: Videos 2 Comments

http://ebay.to/ZNprZA here you can check out this phone if you are interested.. Pretty sweet deal and phone! http://bit.ly/1jiBfdx Here you can get Straight Talk SIM cards. http://ebay.to/1tMrUeu here you can get Straight Talk refill cards. This video is about unboxing the ZTE Compel AT&T prepaid GoPhone LTE… Thanks for watching!

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Jesus Faith says:

    Anyone know if this phone supports the flashlight app and how to download it? I couldn't find it in the google store.

  2. Jergens Roberdeaux says:

    ST only gives you 3GB high-speed data.  ATT Cricket gives you 10GB high-speed data for only $5 more.  Same towers on both services.