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Unlock ZTE Nubia Z5 By Unlock Code

Posted on January/24/2018 | Categories: Videos 0 Comment


We show you how to unlock the ZTE Nubia Z5 using an Unlock Code (SIM Network Unlock PIN, NP Code) so that the device can be used with alternative network SIM cards.

– Get your unique unlock code from the link above.
– Insert an alternative network SIM card.
– Power on your ZTE Nubia Z5.
– Enter the unlock code when prompted.
– Your ZTE Nubia Z5 is unlocked.

Why unlock your ZTE Nubia Z5?

If your ZTE Nubia Z5 displays a code entry prompt (SIM Network Unlock PIN, NP Code) when powered on with an alternative network SIM card, this means the device is Network Locked. To enable the use of alternative network SIM cards, you would need to unlock your ZTE Nubia Z5. You can achieve this with an unlock code from Unlocks.

Do you supply instructions?

All ZTE Nubia Z5 unlock codes supplied by Unlocks come with simple step-by-step instructions to guide you through the entire code entry process

Is it safe?

The simple answer to this is yes, because your ZTE Nubia Z5 is designed to be unlocked by code. If you ask the original network provider to unlock your device, they would supply the same unlock code we can supply, however obtaining an unlock code for your ZTE Nubia Z5 from the original network provider can be expensive, and the delivery times can be lengthy. You should also consider that unlocking your ZTE Nubia Z5 by code is the only method of unlocking that does not affect your warranty.


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