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Unlocking New ZTE F Series

Posted on July/21/2010 | Categories: Videos 6 Comments

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6 Responses so far.

  1. Yepi69 says:

    this work?cuz when i was trying to unlock my mobile phone zte f880 on a program called kualnkendi the fucking program blocked my mobile phone and the only solution was to send to the factory for repair

  2. chemss85 says:

    Sorry but you need protection hardware to access the files and open the software. It’s not a free solution

  3. ExGxSMiiTHYZz says:

    How do you install the drivers or where to get this software? help please!

  4. jreyes085 says:

    @chemss85 Hi, I installed one version of it, but i don´t remember which one it was. Can you introduce me how to do the things with this mobile? I tried but i d given up a few months ago.

  5. chemss85 says:

    @jreyes085 but do you have furious gold?

  6. jreyes085 says:

    do u have the drivers? I installed some but AMDO.exe isn´t starting. It says “no card reader found”.