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Very unexpected, but nice to have for such an older phone.

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12 Responses so far.

  1. Alondra Cedeño says:

    para liberarlo?

  2. Edison Campoverde says:

    hola amigo, me puedes ayudar a liberar mi zte n9510 boost mobile, para usarlo en ecuador

  3. Juan Garcia JR says:

    friend will not have the rom of ZTE N9510 because I broke down and occupied me relive my android will not have the roms please

  4. waltergq says:

    Hey bro wanted to ask you at 4:12 when u pulled down the notification panel i was hoping you'd show the quick toggles but you didn't so are they like the official kitkat grid toggles or do they look any different ? i hope u can share that thanks.

  5. Elizabeth Mayer says:

    Well silly me I thought u were gonna show how to update the phone. I never got the update to my cell neither.

  6. Ashaki Hazel says:

    My zte n9510 got KitKat and it's ten times smoother

  7. CrazyFred T.V says:

    I like it but which is better zte warp or the speed

  8. Mixmaster_dj-knight59 says:

    Wow that's cool that the zte warp 4G got kit-kat

  9. CV Tech says:

    "UPDATE" ZTE WARP 4G N9510 GETS KITKAT 4.4.2: http://youtu.be/bxFnyYEPtpQ

  10. Alex T. says:

    After I received the update, my phone crashed. Sent to manufacturer. Been a dream since I got it back. One problem though. I have an external sd card and can not utilize it at all now. Any suggestions.

  11. joyce venable says:

    Me like always do I would like know what is the screen size

  12. Curtis Sharp says:

    Thank you for your videos. I like look forward to your new ones. Again, thank you.