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Verizon ZTE Adamant review

Posted on December/3/2014 | Categories: Videos 4 Comments

Review for Verizon’s ZTE Adamant.

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Kid McClain says:

    The explanation goes too fast. I’ve had this phone for one year and only
    use it to order pizza while in town because the keys are too tight/close
    for me, International
    “ready” was likely its only good feature.

  2. Harley Blodgett says:

    Is anyone trying to sell their ZTE Adamant? Mine just broke and I loved
    this phone

  3. shamazer says:

    Ugh I hate this phone!

  4. EmIsLegend says:

    Nice phone! I am considering this one. Sick of the limited options and data