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WATCH THIS VIDEO: ZTE Tempo Go, Shipped With Android Go For US Market

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Google has unleashed the scouting party for Android Go upon the world and we’ve heard from the likes of Nokia, Alcatel, and India’s General Mobile. Availability of the Android Go phones from those, however, are targeted mostly at emerging markets. But who’s to say that those in the US don’t want an extremely affordable but still usable Android phone? ZTE definitely thinks so and it is making the ZTE Tempo Go, one of if not the first Android Go phone for the US market, available exactly for that purpose.

There is, perhaps, a presumption that all smartphone users in the US are very tech savvy, well to do, and crave the latest and greatest. Of course, no one size fits all when it comes to smartphones. Some really just want a basic communication device that happens to also bring the Internet into their pockets.

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WATCH THIS VIDEO: ZTE Tempo Go, Shipped With Android Go For US Market

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