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14 Responses so far.

  1. Puffy says:

    phone number leak at 6:23

  2. Kazi Shabbir says:

    today I order in Malaysia online site.

  3. Siva Srinivas says:

    Ordered one yesterday on dubai website!

  4. the best country says:

    It has bad screen burn in

  5. Interoptic says:

    what's going on with your long nails?

  6. RJ En says:

    Try to not pop your mouth constantly like a woman.

  7. Alex Richards says:

    ZTE shut down and no longer supports their devices. There has been no updates since around 2017, and will not get any other updates further.
    Soon, around the beginning of 2019, it will no longer be able to connect to the Google play store.

  8. Frank Zen says:

    One word: NFC

  9. Silvia Garcia says:

    hi, where to buy? here in Brasil we have to import but gearbest, bang good dont have this one

  10. Bert439 says:

    It's a solid phone for the price, great device for switching to Android from Windows Phone, like I did I forget my main driver was an HTC M8 Windows

  11. Unknown By Wolf Media says:

    I have had the phone since the beginning of summer and in my opinion it is only a ok phone I like the display and the sound and the performance is good enough for what I do but the amount of problems I have with it ruins the phone a lot the fact if I try and set schedule dnd mode the settings crash then the fact that the quick toggles are not able to removed and the biggest problem of them all is that the UK model hasn't ever been updated so the phone is still of the original firmware that it came out the factory with back in 2016 and it can't be updated and ZTE UK are do not do anything including helping out with support questions but at least you are enjoying the phone with your updates

  12. Barry says:

    Just bought this for my wife, I like it better than my g5 plus. Plus it was only 150.00 bucks at best buy.

  13. Tech Insanity says:

    Just got mine today and liking it

  14. Ariv TT best awesome sup says:

    nice video