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Will We Get 7.0 Nougat For ZTE Zmax Pro?

Posted on September/27/2017 | Categories: Videos 10 Comments

In this video I will tell you why or why not we are going to receive nougat 7.0 for the ZTE Zmax pro.

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10 Responses so far.

  1. Jorge Marotta says:

    I have a question, I've just got my zmax pro 1 and i have noted that the speaker isn't that good…. So is this a common issue with this model or it's just me? And if it's regular, there is anyway way to fix it? Thanks a lot!

  2. Tanya Crowley says:

    that's not true because the Stylo got it along with a few others. phone's under $200

  3. Joe Bob says:

    So what about the t mobile variant?

  4. MasterChief 0970 says:

    my zte zmax pro has lots of issues I'm thinking of switching to j7 prime

  5. kenneth owens says:

    then why did the LG K10 get the nouget update 79.99× tax

  6. Latisha Prater - White Feather says:

    Its say my launcher is hand mark metro launcher. Whats the best launcher I should get. I want the best one but something with pretty themes if possible. But mostly important just want my phone to run really good

  7. Thatboy360 says:

    I just sold my zte zmax pro so that I have enough money for iPhone 7 plus

  8. Jimmy Foster says:

    had the phone no nougat no root only 2 things its got going is storage and screen ill keep my stylo 2 with ROOT AND VIPER4ANDROUD something the zmax wont have

  9. Magic Tech Review says:

    easy answer…..heck no

  10. Qwanya Robinson says:

    that sucks but owell I'll be keeping my pro1 til next year