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Wish Upon A Spro2 (ZTE Device)

Posted on July/4/2016 | Categories: Videos 0 Comment


Dear Santa,

I am thankful that nothing terrible had happened to me this year. Maybe because I’ve been good to others so God made the year 2015 my best year.

I’m thankful I got good grades in my university. I made my parents proud of me and it really feels great to see them happy. I just love them a lot. They are my inspiration and my foundation in pursuing my dreams.

The appreciation of beauty is art and I so love arts. My family does too. Sometimes we sat on the floor and start making crazy art things. Haha.

I’ve met new friends too. Now, I got plenty of huge hearted friends around whom I could lean on and share the good and bad of me. We love playing games. It’s our way of having time as friends. They’re sometimes overloaded with happiness specially when we are in the victory. They’re just awesome friends I had.

Santa, I may made things that’s not right. But with it, I am making myself be more careful and smart. Though it’s unavoidable, I always ask for forgiveness and say sorry. Nothing’s better in fixing it but simply say sorry. 🙂

All I want to receive this Christmas is a #Spro2 wrapped in a gift box where anyone would be eager to know what’s inside.

Thank you Santa,



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