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ZTE 4″ Maemo device

Posted on June/29/2011 | Categories: Videos 7 Comments

A new design for a 4″ 800×480, Marvell PXA310 based Maemo Linux device, with the integrated thumb keyboard below the screen. Built-in camera for video-conferencing and GPS.

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7 Responses so far.

  1. 07liberian says:

    @Charbax It Would Be Great If Nokia Can Make The Successor Of N900 Similar To This In Design But Smaller With A 8 MP Camera.
    I Like This Design.

  2. KooolaBe says:

    @Charbax Sanyo is coming with a new camera soon i heird its 14mp and wil cost about 340euro range dont know about the low light tho i think the only problem sanyo has is low light and nothing else

  3. deabru says:

    I was expecting more maemo and meego devices. It looks nice, price?

  4. Charbax says:

    @KooolaBe I’m a bit busy at Computex and all. I like my Sanyo, filmed all my thousands of videos with it the past nearly 3 years. But I am looking to upgrade to better low light, better compression, WiFi youtube direct upload and more. As soon as such camera gets available.

  5. spedknot says:

    Great resolution for the scree.

  6. KooolaBe says:

    yo respond 2 my mssg plz about Sanyo Xacti VCP-TH1

    or maybe i can get your old SANYO D: ?

  7. cyco1978 says:

    add android and allow it to make voice calls and id be all over that .. love the form factor!!!!!!