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ZTE Agent form MetroPCS Music Player

Posted on February/22/2011 | Categories: Videos 14 Comments

music player is ver simple to use i’ve been using it for like 2 days now, the battery is very good. When you plug in the phone to add music the phone charges aswell.

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14 Responses so far.

  1. LaskoKid says:

    how to put music on it

  2. BayRoyalty650 says:

    where is the memory card slot?

  3. Emoelmodaughter says:

    my zte agent music player dont work my micro chip thing is in it D: i dont like it one bit *crys*

  4. summerbreezyy says:

    i like the clock

  5. Kagekid01 says:

    @561dialingdude nope

  6. 561dialingdude says:

    can it listen to online radio?

  7. PinoyBboy1992 says:

    help pls…

    when i plug it in to a speaker the phone doesnt seem to recognize it…

    is anyone else having this kind of problem?

    how can i make my phone recognize the speaker?

  8. MetalMilitia0321 says:

    @Kagekid01 I did this too and it STILL says I have no music in my music player:( Idk what to do

  9. shardzRgud says:

    @lazysx313 format ur memory card

  10. 10qushon says:

    @Kagekid01 how do you put games on the zte agent

  11. Kagekid01 says:

    @lazysx313 make sure you put it in the music folder!

  12. lazysx313 says:

    i put music into my card but when i press music player it say that it has no music.

  13. missKIANES says:

    does it come with the SD card or do you have to buy one?

  14. SuperEssj408 says:

    how do u put vibrate on jus the text messaging and keep the master volume on ur song