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Zte Agent from MetroPCS (Review)

Posted on July/6/2010 | Categories: Videos 20 Comments

Really large screen 2.4”, music player, video, web, text messaging, mirror for camera, microSD card slot up to 16GB, really awsome cell phone and for .00, its a steal, considering the Zte c78, which the Agent is improved from that is 9. Heres a tip though, if you do get this phone and wish to transfer your number it is extra so your total is around , but still a good price for a good phone, I recomend it for anyone. Awsome phone!!!

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20 Responses so far.

  1. Daniel94801 says:

    you could change the size of the video i have it

  2. MrFandango22 says:

    Thats nice to have 5000times xD

  3. Kagekid01 says:

    @juu90 the Freeform II has a qwerty keyboard and that is always nice to have. I’ve played with the freeform II and the agent and it are basically similar minus the keyboard. They do the same things so the only thing I would take into consideration is the keyboard and if you are on a budget the cost. the ZTE agent is now 50 but 65 with tax and the freeform 2 is 99 but is on sale at this moment for 49 so they are both great phones that do the exact same thing.

  4. juu90 says:

    should i get this or the freefrom 2? any thoughts

  5. Kagekid01 says:

    @junbugvsl13 what?

  6. junbugvsl13 says:

    Dude its MetroPCS. . . . . :l

  7. junbugvsl13 says:

    no you can’t view. . I was upset >:l

  8. 561dialingdude says:

    oohh yeah i gots the zte agent its a preety good fone . Jes!

  9. PinoyBboy1992 says:

    help pls…
    when i plug it in to a speaker the phone doesnt seem to recognize it…
    is anyone else having this kind of problem?
    how can i make my phone recognize the speaker?

  10. Lorel1989 says:

    can you watch youtube videos with the agent?

  11. ErikSM99 says:

    what are you saying you speak to soft

  12. jensey123fresh says:

    can you watch youtube?

  13. Gamewhizwade2010 says:

    is it able to watch youtube videos

  14. xXBASEBALLx27x says:

    Is it good for texting?

  15. LMP561 says:

    Wats the video size and is the video quality good rate it from 1-10

  16. ztepcs11 says:

    how do you get wifi

  17. ztepcs11 says:

    @agentphoenix30 did you ever learn how to get the wifi cause i wanna know cause i couldnt find it ither

  18. ztepcs11 says:

    @swaggaBR3 i got it for 89 dollars

  19. MrMonkey2222 says:

    @Kagekid01 how do you listen to music and text on this phone i can’t find out how to do it

  20. Kagekid01 says:

    @xxjose95 untill ur memory runs out, there is no time limit