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ZTE AGENT PART 1 Review of Hardware

Posted on December/17/2010 | Categories: Videos 6 Comments

Reviewing the Hardware of the ZTE Agent E520 from metroPCS. Cost is $ 69.00 with out tax with tax it cost me .

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6 Responses so far.

  1. boi2wonder says:

    @TampaRicanSunshine The talking volume is very low. I had problems talking with friends in loud areas even in low volume areas. But if your by yourself with the TV off then you may hear your friends much better.

  2. boi2wonder says:

    @toomuchgame441 the navigoator is great. Nice and Loud directions.

  3. PinoyBboy1992 says:

    help pls…

    when i plug it in to a speaker the phone doesnt seem to recognize it…

    is anyone else having this kind of problem?

    how can i make my phone recognize the speaker?

  4. toomuchgame441 says:

    I’m thinking of buying this for my pops, is the navigator good?

  5. TampaRicanSunshine says:

    How good is the receiving talk volume?, I bought the Kyocera Torino and the receiving talk volume (what you hear) is very very low and I’m thinking about purchasing the ZTE…let me know..thanks

  6. shardzRgud says:

    @mightyjoe911 go to ur @metro than my apps and its rite there