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Side by side benchmark test on the new ZTE Avid 4g and the ZTE Anthem 4g by Metro pcs.

Thanks for watching check out my blog www.metrophonerepair.com

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17 Responses so far.

  1. CognizantxNight says:

    I might get the Avid too, but I really like the style of the Anthem also… -_- choices.

  2. CognizantxNight says:

    Just saying

  3. CognizantxNight says:

    The ZTE Avid does have a 1.5GHz duel core processor though.

  4. Bahati Mitchell says:

    im thinkn about getn the avid

  5. Metro Phone Repair says:

    Thanks !

  6. mercedes kennedy says:

    Do u know if the anthem 4g can screenshot

  7. enrique reyes says:

    The anthems battery was low that has a big part of a phones abilities .

  8. Metro Phone Repair says:

    I probably should have worded it better. It's not that I think the performance reading is incorrect. I was letting people know that just because an app like Antutu or Quadrant standard says 1.5GHz dual core at the end of the test that it doesn't mean that the processor is a 1.5GHz processor it just mean's that it performs at that speed. Sorry for the confusion as far as I can tell the reading's are right

  9. Sepero1 says:

    Just to be clear, the Avid tests aren't reporting 1.5Ghz because it is just really fast. They are reporting that because the Linux kernel is returning that maximum clock frequency. You say i the video that the Kernel reported clock frequency is incorrect, and I'd like to believe that. Do you have any links to information that can support this claim?

  10. Metro Phone Repair says:


  11. Metro Phone Repair says:

    havent heard anything on the gs4 yet but iPhone is supposed to come to Metro by sencond quarter

  12. Jay Pinkz says:

    zte avid video records in 720p to 1280p

  13. anthony Hunt says:

    Is the gs4 really coming out in march is it coming to metro

  14. anthony Hunt says:

    They seem very close bigger screen sounds good ill defimitely go check them out at a store in philly

  15. Metro Phone Repair says:

    picture's should automatically transfer when you put your memory card in the new phone. If they don't then you would have to go to your gallery and move them onto the SD card

  16. Metro Phone Repair says:

    The GS3 will get Jelly Bean at some point they have already released the update for Sprint. As for transferring contact's and picture if your current phone is an android you would be able to export them to the sd card and then import them on the new phone. memory cards are compatible with all phone that take one.

  17. anthony Hunt says:

    The only other issue i want a bigger memory card can i transfer contacts and pictures from cricket memory card to metro and keep my number