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ZTE Anthem vs the Coolpad Quattro by Metro pcs. Side by side comparisson of the cpu’s using Quadrant Standard.

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17 Responses so far.

  1. Trey Hearon says:

    Especially the coolpad

  2. Trey Hearon says:

    Both of them phones suck

  3. Brandon Matos says:

    i`ll be getting the anthem

  4. NYYankeesForLife01 says:

    I have a coolpad and its great phone

  5. Faisal Shaghasi says:

    U said the motion is little. For an android phone you are correct, but just to let you know it is the exact same size as the iPhone 4S, it's the best metro phone out besides the gs3 but the lg motion too will be out in February and a LOT bigger just watch

  6. Detroit's Zay says:

    Do a review on the anthem

  7. Metro Phone Repair says:

    neither can to my knowledge

  8. liloka1998 says:

    does is screenshot?

  9. Shotz GFX says:

    I have the Anthem and itsawsome

  10. matthew west says:

    Although the calculations are correct but i believe the Coolpad is by far better than the Anthen. I was wondering if you can make a video (sorry to be a pain lol) of the Coolpad and the Anthen going on the Internet, like Youtube, Google Searches, ETC. PLZ lol

  11. Metro Phone Repair says:

    agreed wayyy better than the Coolpad

  12. Xavier Jarillo says:

    Zte anthem is better then coolpad mines perfevt

  13. TramisLow// says:

    Really goodd

  14. Jada Bailey says:

    i have the coolpad and so far so good

  15. Rejay Blake says:

    zte is better !! 🙂

  16. Noah Yehuda says:

    -_____- i was about to reply agreed whan i realized that was my comment

  17. Santiago Ortiz says:

    Zte anthem 4g vs lg esteem