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ZTE Avid 4g Camera Review

Posted on August/18/2017 | Categories: Videos 14 Comments

Camera review on the new ZTE Avid 4g by Metro pcs.

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14 Responses so far.

  1. DESVIELADOS #001 says:

    amigo yo ocupo un Display del ZTE N9120 METROPCS

  2. DESVIELADOS #001 says:

    amigo yo ocupo un Display del ZTE N9120 METROPCSMETROPCS

  3. Ashley Williams says:

    This phone is alrite for a couple of months after a while it starts to go slow and freeze . The camera is thee worst

  4. Maeikatk says:

    I agree worst ever!

  5. brain thomas says:

    In general there is no front flash cameras in any touch screen phone even the iphone doesn't have that.

  6. Maria Willoughby says:

    no it's not but too late now

  7. Maria Willoughby says:

    naw it just sucks smh

  8. Maria Willoughby says:

    Worst camera ever…. 3 front facing megapixel compared to 5 mp back, that is fraud smh they don't tell u that and front facing has no flash smh just grainy bs if not in bright well lit place smh

  9. Metro Phone Repair says:

    don't think it has it. I believe only the lg motion and spirit have cheese shutter

  10. Robert Cummings says:

    What about the macro? I cant seem to find a macro setting.

  11. adela morales says:

    Its normal my camera is the blurry too

  12. Just Josh says:

    I just ordered the phone is really worth it

  13. Metro Phone Repair says:

    with the $70 plan you get unlimited Rhapsody (in my opinion not worth it) fyi the $70 and $55 plans are not available anymore. The unlimited 4g plan is now $60/month