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ZTE Avid 4g Root Guide

Posted on September/21/2018 | Categories: Videos 16 Comments

ZTE Avid 4g root (MetroPCS).zip file download – http://androidforums.com/avid-4g-all-things-root/678268-successfully-rooted-zte-avid-4g-metropcs.html

Also check out the instruction’s on my blog – http://www.metrophonerepair.com/2013/03/zte-avid-4g-root-guide-metro-pcs.html

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16 Responses so far.

  1. Terry Baptist says:

    I have a ZTE avid 4 Z855 except for the fact that it is not a 4G Will this still work on my phone?

  2. jay_615 says:

    if this work I'll sub I got the zte avid plus z828

  3. Jeremy says:

    works flawlessly, bought a cheap phone since my note 3 died this will work for me

  4. Chantelle Simpson says:

    what if your phone stays on ftm mode after the command prompt says daemon started successfully *

  5. Skarce Voxan says:

    thank you! just rooted my device

  6. David Garcia says:

    do you have the drivers?

  7. Dany Cute says:

    Thanks, I love you so much. This works for me.

  8. Daniel Vigil says:

    How root ZTE SONOTA 4G™ please

  9. Rolando Lopez says:

    guys how the fudge do i root ZTE sonata 4g?

  10. Luis Venzant says:

    nice it worked for me

  11. max tibill says:

    When put cd 6 it says "the sytem cannot find the path specified" anyone plz help

  12. max tibill says:

    when I put
    cd 6
    it doesn't do anything???? plz ive tried looking up other methods and it tells me to download the same file

  13. iAmNotYesenia says:

    This video actually REALLY helped. Although my computer couldn't download the zip file, so I downloaded and unzipped it on my phone with the app B1, then moved it onto the computer. Then I had issues with the cmd, but I realized that I didn't move the file 6 onto my C drive on the computer. After that, everything was perfectly fine. Although somehow, a few hours later after I deleted the files, my phone wasn't rooted anymore. Should I have not deleted those? Lol

  14. Geki Tatsuro says:

    Help plz, mine stops at pushing files

  15. TheeKilluminati says:

    When put cd 6 it says "the sytem cannot find the path specified" anyone plz help

  16. TheeKilluminati says:

    When i download it it already is called 6