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ZTE Avid 4g VS Samsung Galaxy s3 Metro pcs

Posted on August/18/2017 | Categories: Videos 16 Comments

Benchmark test side by side using Antutu Benchmark from the Google Play store.

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16 Responses so far.

  1. Mike Pattillo says:

    ZTE Avid sucks. Esp the picture quality.

  2. Danny U says:

    Cool glad to see the Avid scored higher than the Galaxy S3. Its cheaper and runs on Androids Ice Cream Sandwich; the FPS are pretty high during game play so it if a good phone!

  3. Nelson Diaz says:

    Is metro ever going to get the galaxy s3 in black?

  4. Metro Phone Repair says:

    actually there's no need they are given a score at the end to tell you which was faster. Higher score would be the winner

  5. James Howard says:

    @murphyscellrepair when u run standard tests you should start them at the same time to see which one's faster

  6. Metro Phone Repair says:

    not sure

  7. flashBCKK1001 says:

    i dnt think that matters because the touch resopnse on the avid is pretty annoying

  8. Metro Phone Repair says:

    also I run these tests 3 or 4 time's to gauge the accuracy of the test before posting

  9. Metro Phone Repair says:

    they are closed

  10. Metro Phone Repair says:

    doesn't change the score on a quadrant standard. That's why there's a score at the end.

  11. borinkenyankee says:

    Thanx for.the.vids but can u try and start the tests more in sync. Touch the start buttons at the same time. The ZTE AVID is pretty remarkable! Good value.

  12. Sergio Sanchez says:

    Is it worth buying the galaxy s3 for $500?

  13. anthony Hunt says:

    Any chance u can do a video on the lg spirit and u know when its coming out

  14. Unstablebeyouty says:

    Great Video , I want the Galaxy So bad But its so pricey, Not the Best idea for a college student =) although this video isn't about the LG motion , I have a question Can you do face time,an tango , with the LG Motion ? Thanks in advance

  15. Metro Phone Repair says:

    by end of january from what I hear

  16. Metro Phone Repair says:

    open the web hit menu and go to settings there should be an auto rotate setting sounds like its off