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19 Responses so far.

  1. Rochelle Hughes says:

    I can't get past the point after I have selected "languages" and I am taken back to next screen but I am always taken back to the Verify your account pace. I have a Mac and have not been able to open the apps listed in discussions. Can you provide information on what I can do. A box requesting that I select the phone from a drop down but this phone isn't listed.

  2. joan polanco says:

    gracias hermano a mi me funciono bien hay te dejo un like

  3. Anil Rehmatullah says:

    thanks worked for me z828 tmobile

  4. Jose Chavez says:

    I just did it    still works on 9/26/2016

  5. jesuslujan82 says:

    would it work with zte zmaxpro?

  6. David Johnson says:

    UPDATE!! for fully updated ZTE. holding down the @ key no longer brings up the accessibility options. you have to go into them prior to internet connection immediately after the first boot up following the initial factory reset. once in there you can follow the same steps to get to the file manager. install the APK. start the APP. after this you won't be able to log on because there is no internet connection. restart the phone. connect to the internet when prompted then hit vol. down to bring up open windows and the APP should still be running in the background. now it has internet and you can connect to your known good account and continue to reset the phone.

  7. Ples Robertson says:

    it worked. thanks!

  8. Chris Williams says:

    can u do a video for the ZTE zmax Z981 for metro pc because i sont have any of these features on my phone..

  9. Music Videos | shot by @atmchapo says:

    Will this work on a z831?

  10. jacques wonou says:

    jesus, it 100%working so thnks you

  11. Giovanni Ron says:

    thanks very much is working for me, on zte z828 metro pc's


    you are the best, thank you man, 100% good

  13. b4evareal79 says:

    any info on zte lever?

  14. FaZe Young says:

    dude I fuckin love u it worked thank u

  15. Veronica Rodriguez says:

    takes a while but its DEFINETLY WORTH IT!! worked quick and had no problems! THANK YOU!!

  16. Jazzmyn Hudson says:

    it workerd woot woot

  17. Bill says:

    Does anyone have a work around for the ZTE Maven 2 Z831

  18. carl guimbellot says:

    ZTE avid plus #Z828 ,
    After a factory reset my phone isn’t starting up
    correctlly, It starts
    out wonting to sign in to gmail account & wont let me ge
    to home ,apps,
    seetting at all & for some reason i can’t get passed signing in to my google email account cause it will not accept any

    email address account name & will not accept any password either, How can i fix this problem or by pass it so i can get

    back into my phone. PLEASE HELP.