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ZTE AVID TRIO Full Review For Metro PCs\T-mobile

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19 Responses so far.

  1. Alexis Ornelas says:

    That phone is like 20 bucks

  2. Cheesepuffs says:

    Last a good 7-8 months than u will hav problems like touch screen and not being able to touch a certain spot.

    Ps me and my buddy had the same phone and we had the same problems with it. Lasted the sametime

  3. Savage catishere says:

    That phone is shit it’s slow to go to the home

  4. Renato says:

    This is the worst phone I ever had in 20 years. It is a complete piece of crap plagued with chronic issues not even Metro PCS corporate can resolve. Since day one this was a problem and an error message keeps popping up about the sim card not being capable to accessing all the features of the phone and to contact T-Mobile to replace the brand new sim it came with. I went back to the store, they replaced the sim. Next day it started again and rebooting by itself 4 5 times a day. Back I want, they ordered a replacement phone for another $16.00 . 5 days later I went back to pick up the replacement while using the defective unity. I got a brand new replacement with a new sim card. An hour later went I got home, the same exact issue started again. I went back to the store and the manager told me that that model is flawed and they have several costumers coming back with the same problem. I only got this because I lost a brand new Zmax pro which was a really nice unity. Metro won't give me any refunds or choice of other phone. They told me to call ZTE for a refund or upgrade to a blade or Zmax. I just used my upgrade option and got a new Blade for $129.00 and now am hoping to get some sort of refund from ZTE. Stay away from this phone, and save yourself money and troubles.

  5. Rose Burnett says:

    I have this phone and it sucks worst phone ever wish I never wasted my money. Slow as hell can transfer phots to SD card only able to download maybe three at the most apps. Can't hear anyone when video chatting

  6. ploopy77666 says:



  7. OG Sperm Cell says:

    this phone is nothing but a laggy piece of shit

  8. Trey Hearon says:

    i cant fuck with no off brand chinese android phones period. this phone sucks and the screen is dull and horrible. you'd be better off with a lg or samsung or even apple.

  9. Joe Cornejo says:

    This is a fucking  piece of shit !!! Same as the Alcatel shit. I regret wasting my money in this garbage. there's nothing like Samsung

  10. luxury 21 says:

    I got this phone the other day for free at metro pcs … I just paid my for my first month bill and they gave me the phone for free

  11. Michi says:

    This is a pretty good phone for the price I've had it for a month now and the ohave issues I have with it Is the storage and sometimes my keyboard won't come up which happens rarely and the screen could be a bit better other then that it's a good phone also good review.

  12. - trickster2895 - says:

    I just want to ask for info about the phone's: Battery life
    how many gigabytes comes with it and can you add more?
    what's the display ( how many inches)

  13. Ramon Zermeno says:

    I can't seem to place an individual notification sound to every one of my contacts, does anyone know if that's just how the phone is?

  14. Promote Daily says:

    i have this phone and its pretty good

  15. Tenkashi69 says:

    eh it's better than that piece of garbage coolpad

  16. [HS] Highlight Shorts says:

    even though this video is sorta old in the video settings for it theres a framerate option but doesnt seem to work? like when i set it to 60 fps on hsf or hrs or wha ever it doesnt work says(resolution not supported) i tried every resolution still same msg.

  17. [HS] Highlight Shorts says:


  18. Hircine says:

    I just got one today. my first smart phone. I just got one because my last phone's keys were falling off. Got a good deal on it. I like it so far.

  19. anne Marie says:

    This videos had an add every two minutes for me omg lmao