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ZTE Axon 7: 5 best and 5 worst things

Posted on November/3/2018 | Categories: Videos 12 Comments

The 5 best and worst things I believe the ZTE Axon 7 comes with. Enjoy!
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12 Responses so far.

  1. chris anthony says:

    I'm running an axon 7 mini. Great phone no complaints.

  2. Jarre-Damo says:

    This phone was REALLY great until the latest update as of July 2018… The update messed up the battery and causes unnecessary draining and overheating. The battery used to last me the whole day easily, now I need to charge it 3 times a day at least or it would completely drain!
    Also, it started to become buggy and suddenly lose LTE or Wifi, and i have to switch on and off airplane mode for it to work again!
    I have no idea why they release a patch that they didn't test thoroughly.
    Is ZTE dying out after their re-in-statement, or trying to get back at US customers or simply ruin their beautiful phone so people could buy the new ones? I know I'm making ill-intended assumptions here, but I am really disappointed!

  3. Mike Johnson says:

    Gave one of my Axon 7s to my wife a new Smartphone user today. View the lovely photos she took of the flowers in her garden. Post editing (cropping & borders in Google Photos)


  4. алексей протонин says:

    Он великолепен!

  5. Cratetivity says:

    I bought my Axon 7 about 10 months ago. An issue popped up in less than a week of having it. Everytime I pressed the power button, or used the fingerprint scanner, the screen would not wake up. There is still a 2-4 second delay everytime I haven't woken up the screen in awhile. The other thing I do not like about the Axon 7 is that the battery drains really fast. I only play BTD5 and BTD6 for about 30min-1hour here and there, but I would lose 20-30% battery everytime. The quick charging does make up for it though. I would say the phone is not worth $300 beause of the first apparent issue. Try looking at the Huawei Honor 7x or Asus Zenfone Series.

  6. Piroska Racz says:

    I love the ZTE line. The sound IS amazing. I'm hard of hearing so phone calls using speaker is tip top. Colors great. Very fast. It charges quickly. Have nothing negative to say!

  7. Asimwe Balijahe says:

    Closest thing to an iPhone I'll ever get.

  8. Mark and Gloria Wilder says:

    Many negatives are your opinions not that the phone is negative.. The front fingerprint scanner is Samsung/Apple/Motorola thing, the rest of us like rear fingerprint sensor, its faster than apple, tie with sammy. The verizon sim only works on SIM 1 and still works as long as it is previously activated on another verizon phone whether it be on vzw mvno or vzw itself. Manually set up APN sometimes. Open camera or zoom fx can make camera function better. The sound in speakers is better than everything until S9+ 2 years later can match it. Overall using it almost 2 years, the battery still good, screen has zero pixel issues, i have the 6gb/128gb us version and use both sims SIM1 on vzw, and SIM2 on GSM. G7 new sound system will probably dethrone either of them. Apple's attempt at stereo speakers is pathetic, i have a 7+ and its almost useless unless you put a case on it that turns the sound toward you instead of away from you.

  9. Hunnic Barbarian says:

    Any suggested ram cleaner apps

  10. Hunnic Barbarian says:

    And you can't put videos onto your SD card from this phone.

  11. Hunnic Barbarian says:

    And the stereo speakers are not that loud at all. Although Bluetooth. Headphones and aux is better than Samsungs output

  12. Hunnic Barbarian says:

    I really don't like the lack of a RAM cleaner