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ZTE Axon 7: 6GB of RAM?!

Posted on July/22/2016 | Categories: Videos 14 Comments

The ZTE Axon 7 is the Chinese company’s latest flagship, which comes with an astonishing 6GB of RAM.

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14 Responses so far.

  1. Aaron. Jordan. says:

    Can you provide a reliable site for an American to get the 6gb version

  2. Satyam Patel says:

    I like how the front looks but the back looks bad in my opinion but I will out a case on it anyway.

  3. Benjamin K. says:

    I'm stuck between this and the OnePlus 3

  4. Christine Anderson says:

    this would be flawless if it had waterproofing and micro SD card expansion

  5. Stefos says:

    please make a full review and a camera review

  6. mahesh lakkoju says:

    does it have integrated vr headset software like vibe x3 does?
    and it says that it doesn't have USB OTG connectivity option is that true?

  7. suresh kumar Sahu says:

    In between Oneplus 3 & ZTE Axon 7 which one has better camera & audio (headphone output)

  8. jonah travisano says:

    Nice short visit… waiting for the review…

  9. Dude Virus says:

    So much metal they can put on the phone but they can't give hardware buttons in the front. Every manufacturer makes some or the other flaw with the phone.

  10. ahmad ali says:


  11. ahmad ali says:


  12. Cargill Monteque says:

    Moto z force vs ate axon 7 😀😀

  13. Brent Ra says:

    moto Z force has 8 lol

  14. Jay Bugatti says:

    Oh I really want this phone, does anyone know when it will come to the US?