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ZTE Axon 7 Max CES 2017 Hands on!

Posted on February/7/2017 | Categories: Videos 10 Comments

#ZTE #Axon7Max #ZTECES #CES2017 #ZTE #CES

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10 Responses so far.

  1. Tiger Gray says:

    does it have Dolby Atmos just like the regular axon 7?

  2. Tiger Gray says:

    ZTE just keeps getting better. I will definitely get this phone. I wish they put the dual speakers just like my axon 7😅

  3. Tiger Gray says:

    625 is smooth as the 820 but it can save more power battery efficiency

  4. Atif Ghafoor says:

    Everything on this was fine just wish they kept the speakers

  5. Kiwi says:

    Android 6.0.1, are they serious?

  6. emmy tones says:

    the front facing speakers are what separates the axon from other phones, so I'm not sure why they changed direction and put the speaker at the bottom on the axon 7 max. I'm very disappointed to say the least…

  7. StreetkillnHD says:

    thats a sexy phone no lie, did u find out if the speakers are dual?? i hope they release the phone outside china.

  8. T. Frank says:


  9. Alex The Commie says:

    I'm sticking with my OG Axon 7, not only is it a TRUE Axon in my opinion, but it has higher spec and a handleable display

  10. Artificialo Stylexd says:

    With the name "Max" it would lead you to think it's what the Edge is to the S7, what the T is the the oneplus 3, What the plus is to the Iphone7, what the V20 is to the G5 etc… but this is a downgrade in my eyes.